Able Planet’s NC300B Review


Sound is an important part of just about anything. Sound quality is something you don’t cherish until you hear it from top notch speakers. The kind folks at Able Planet we kind enough to send their NC300B model my way and I was rather impressed with what it offered.

Able Planet’s NC300B headphones are all about noise cancellation with clean, crisp sound. To run down some of the specs, this particular model has a frequency response of 20Hz – 20,000Hz with sensitivity at 1kHz: 115dB (Off); 121 dB (On), or to put it simply, the range of sound is excellent and everything you hear will be crystal clear.

A big part of this model is it’s ability to effectively block out most noise from entering your ears. You’ll have to actually turn the headphones on to start the noise cancellation, resulting in a slightly airy noise coming through the speakers. When you start listening to something the airy noise is rarely noticeable. The headphones don’t block out everything, however. I’m able to hear the typing on my keyboard, but not able to hear the fans running in my desktop (which tend to be pretty loud), barely able to hear someone talking to me a few feet away, and most low pitched noises are blocked out.

The NC300B is ideal for riding in a car and quite possibly a plane ride, seeing as how an airplane adapter is included. Having the headphones on for an extended period of time is barely a hassle. I had them on for upwards of six hours straight with very little discomfort. I enjoy how the headphones cup around my ears, making them ideal for long sessions.

Nothing but crisp and clarity come to mind when listening to music with the NC300B. I swear I’ve noticed little things here and there in songs that I’ve never heard before. While everything sounds wonderful, the bass can be a little underwhelming. When playing games is when I really noticed how well the surround sound works. This is the first time I’ve been impressed with surround sound technology in headphones. When something happens behind you, you’ll know.

Overall I’ve been extremely happy with my time using the NC300B. Mostly everything about this model is top of the line. The NC300B is available over at Able Planet for $150. If you’re looking for new headphones that sound excellent and provide pretty good noise cancellation, I highly recommend these – if you’re able to throw down the cash that is.

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