Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance Gets New TV Anime

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This weekend, it was revealed that no less than 5 titles on the Japanese light novel label MF Bunko J (affiliated with Comic Alive) have had anime adaptations green-lit. Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance was one of these titles and is definitely the most highly anticipated piece of news of the bunch. It has already acquired quite a large fanbase in its two and a half year lifespan with 10 volumes already written and a manga adaptation being drawn by MM! writer Issei Hyōju.

In a world where it is thought that only pure females are able to make contracts with spirits, students at Areishia Spirit Academy study hard to achieve their goal of becoming spirit elementalists. Claire Rouge, a noble daughter studying to become a spirit elementalist, was purifying herself in a lake in the spirit forest, where she in unaware of a lost boy called Kazehaya Kamito peeking on her. While in the forest she is attacked by a sword spirit Restia who would have killed her were it not for Kamito rushing to her aid. While trying to save her he ends up forming a contract with the spirit, becoming the first male to ever form a spirit contract.

Other light novels that had an anime adaptation green lit were: Magical WarfareMadan no Ō to VanadisNo Game, No Life; and Dragonar Academy

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