No Game No Life Gets New TV Anime

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This weekend, it was revealed that no less than 5 titles on the Japanese light novel label MF Bunko J (affiliated with Comic Alive) have had anime adaptations green-lit. Amongst those titles there are a few that sound incredibly generic, but there are one or two that definitely excite me. No Game, No Life is one of them, mainly because it gives me vibes of Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sō Desu yo?, but with an awesome digital aesthetic and heart meltingly cute female leads.

Joining the ranks of NEET comedy like Princess Jellyfish and Welcome to the NHK, No Game, No Life centers around a pair of siblings called Sora and Shiro who take the term NEET to a whole new level. Tales of their shut-in life have made them the stuff of legend on the internet. In true “The World God Only Knows” fashion they view reality as being just another crappy game. However, their shut in life is ripped away from them when they are summoned to another world by a boy claiming to be god. The boy has forced all conflicts to be settled by games and not war, even if those conflicts are over cities or country borders. Shiro and Sora arrive at a time where every remaining human in the world has been forced back into one city and it is their job to drive back the invading forces and  save humanity in the only way that they know how … By gaming.


Boasting a promising art style and an interesting, if not slightly unoriginal premise, this series looks to be one to search out in the news. Both the art and the story are provided by Kamiya Yuu who is already known for his illustrations in A Dark Rabbit Has Seven Lives.

Other light novels that had an anime adaptation green lit were: Magical Warfare; Madan no Ō to VanadisSerei Tsukai no Blade Dance; and Dragonar Academy

Trivia: A NEET is someone who is Not in Education, Employment, or Training (NEET). There was a huge rise in the number of young people who would be classified as a NEET in Japan recently as a direct result of the baby boomer generation born in the late 40’s reaching retirement age.

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