Dragonar Academy Gets New TV Anime

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This weekend, it was revealed that no less than 5 titles on the Japanese light novel label MF Bunko J (affiliated with Comic Alive) have had anime adaptations green-lit. Interestingly, this is the only anime announcement out of the five that has been licensed to have a manga adaptation in English. This particular anime takes the term fiery tsundere a little too seriously. Most anime characters only have to worry about a few bruises if their tsundere friend becomes a bit hot headed, but for the main character of Dragonar Academy, Ash, he has to fear for his life. Why you ask? Because she’s a dragon …

Dragonar-Academy-01Mocked by his classmates at Ansarivan Dragonar Academy, first-year student Ash Blake wants nothing more than for his dragon to hatch so that he can ride dragons like everybody else. Ash has a huge star-shaped scar on his hand that should mean that in the future he will be a dragon master which just makes the ridicule worse. But one day his egg begins to hatch and his dragon awakens! What nobody expected though was for Ash’s dragon to take the form of a beautiful red-headed girl, especially one with this much attitude. After immediately putting Ash in his place and taking her place as the master in this relationship, Ash’s real problems with dragons begin.

Other light novels that made the news by getting an anime adaptation green lit were: Magical WarfareMadan no Ō to VanadisNo Game, No Life; and Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance

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