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Shootmania Storm Adds New Game Mode


Players of the Shootmania Storm game from Ubisoft and Nadeo will have noticed that a new gametype has been added to the multiplayer shooter. This new game mode is called Combo and it has it’s own unique way of being played. In addition to this game mode is a new weapon called the Arrow, it looks cool.

In Combo, players are paired into teams of two and team mates must work together to kill their opponents in synchronisation. What makes this gametype interesting is that no only must players frag both opponents at the same time, but they are also allowed to switch between weapons and collect them as pickups. This is different from the usual Shootmania gametype as weapons are usually entirely dependent on which tiles it is that you’re standing on.

The Arrow is the newest weapon to Shootmania Storm. It is a ballistic weapon that looks like it has a bit of a curve to it. This weapon is cool because when it hits a target or target location, it unleases an area of effect attack, damaging nearby opponents.

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