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MasterAbbott recently sat down with several members of The Behemoth team inlcuding Dan Paladin, John Baez, and Kelly Revak.  The Behemoth are newest product sponsor of Capsule Computers.   The Behemoth is an independent console game developer that specializes in making collectible games that are fun to play and beautiful to look at. Founded by veteran console developers in 2003, the Behemoth is headquartered in San Diego, California.  They are the creators of both Alien Hominid & Castle Crashers. 

Enjoy the interview below :

Question 1 : Do The Behemoth create games on all the major platforms, such as PC, XBOX, PS3, Nintendo, DS, iPhone ?  Is development of The Behemoth Games done in-house ? How many software developers are  employed by The Behemoth Games ?

-The Behemoth is a licensed developer for Xbox360, PS3, and wii.  We do all the development of our games in house. We make our own dreams come true.   Currently The Behemoth has about 12 people on the team, and that is with a big recent expansion.

Question 2 : The Apple iphone / iTouch is starting to be one of the biggest consumer products used worldwide at the moment for mobile gaming.  Currently how many iPhone / iTouch games do The Behemoth  have available for purchase via iTunes ? Do you have any plans to develop new titles for the iPhone ?

-While we don’t currently have any games available for iPhone or iTouch, we hope to do some stuff for mobile gaming at some point. We just have so many things going on already!

Question 3 : What was the development process like in creating the ever so popular Castle Crashers ? What sort of research was done in creating a new and certainly very enjoyable and challenging game for players, please explain the entire process  from Storyboarding, concept art, QA etc.

– The early inspiration for Castle Crashers was the flash game Dad n’ Me that Tom Fulp, Dustball, and  Dan Paladin worked on.  It was well received, but to make a console title we needed a better concept than beating up children, lol.  So we started thinking about four player adventure ideas and once we got to the Knight character we decided to start running with that. From then on, it was really just a matter of playing with things until it felt right. What we really wanted to do was capture the  feeling of the old school beat em’ up genre. 

Question 4 : For new players not aware of The Behemoth.  What sort and style of games do you have available for consumers.  Please explain in as much detail the broad range of titles available to consumers.  Are most of the Games created by The Behemoth only suitable for a specific age rating or can anyone enjoy playing The Behemoth Games.

– We currently have 2 games available , Alien Hominid HD, and Castle Crashers. They both have 2D hand-drawn art and a lot of humor. While there is some cartoony violence,  there are “gore settings” so you can take that part out to make the game more suitable for younger players.  Since  Alien Hominid, we’ve been working to make our games more and more accessible to wider ranges of players. We’ve heard from fans of Castle Crashers that an age range of kids just barely old enough to hold a controller up to grandparents are enjoying playing it, so anyone can play!

Question 5 : Finally what can fans and consumers expect to see in terms of innovative, creative and new games from The Behemoth.  What new titles can we all expect to see in the future and on what gaming platform will they be made available on.

-Hopefully just a string of awesome fun titles! The new game we’re working on, we don’t have a name for yet so we’ve just been calling it Game #3. Its a 2D platformer with lots of elements of other genres going on. Its already really fun and crazy, and we’re not even done tinkering with it yet.  Platform(s) are still being determined for this title. We are also currently working on bringing Castle Crashers to the PS3!

Once again Capsule Computers would like to thank the team over at The Behemoth  for taking the time from their busy schedule in answering these questions and informing our readers about The Behemoth, its history, its games and it’s future. 


Leave a comment below. 

Tell us what you think The Behemoth should call their new platform game they have named as GAME #3 for the moment.   

Let’s try and get 30-60 suggestions once we get there, I’ll pick 5 winners (OR Maybe The Behemoth might pick them… SO MAKE THEM GOOD !!)  Who know’s they might even use your suggestion to name their game !!

Also feel free to link this interview on your blogs or in your twitter.  The sooner we 30-60 comments to sooner someone wins.

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  1. it should be called
    “Porcupine Riders”

  2. I think they should keep it Game #3 but with something after it like, Game #3 leprechaun adventures.

  3. The Hit Squad! Really, without knowing any elements of the game its hard to come up with something that may or may not be appropriate to the game….

  4. Mackerel – You never know, with CoD’s success, the fish naming market may be a hidden gem!

  5. Pub Destroyers!

  6. I think that Game 3 should be named…
    The Adventures of Tofu Head Man

  7. Just watched the trailer for Game #3 and it looks excellent!

    My suggestion for a name for it would be Mascot Mayhem 🙂

  8. It should be called Color Bouncers!

  9. Geomhead because all the characters seems to have all a geometric head 🙂

  10. Such a big fan of Behemoth. Need to get my nephew a DL a Castle Crashers so he doesn’t hound me non stop to play it every time he comes over, hehe.

  11. Maybe “Savage Quest”, or the “Wild Wild Quest”, or (as i saw in the trailer) “Gem’s drama”.

  12. I think that game 3 is a good name lol!Im sure that the game is going to be AWESOME and that what is important…Who cares about the name?

  13. Oh yeah, name the game “Not Game 3”

  14. Plan A?

  15. I think that Game 3 should be called,
    The Adventures of Tofu Man!

  16. My suggestion is Alien Chicken Cashers HD!

  17. I love the visual style of Behemoth’s games, but the difficulty is absolutely punishing. I think the name of the next Behemoth game should be “Adventures of Macho Hombre.” Thanks!

  18. “Trouble Makers”, i played the demo game at comic con and it was reaaaally good, i had a great time playin’ with people, and it was all about fighting with each other haha

    -Heil the behemoth

  19. Insanity – because it looked insanely fun.

  20. After watching the trailer, maybe a name like “Chaotic Crashers” or “Crasher Chaos” who knows…

  21. I have been a fan of The behemonth for a long time now and I’m looking forward to game#3 so my sugesstion for the name of this game will have to be Behemothies- quest for the green jewel or something along those lines.

  22. “Crystal Crisis”. Or maybe “Gem Jam” 🙂

  23. Sooo hardcore. I’d name it Brick Bonanza, because it looks like it has something to do with the blocks being colored or making it to a goal by running on said blocks.

  24. The Behemoth is quality, there time on games is well spent.

    The only thing I can come up with is The Magic Jewel of Boxman Madness.
    I wish I knew more of the game, lol.

  25. hmmm.
    -emerald chase
    -world of shapes
    -this ain’t a rock
    -sky emerald
    -a country for waffles
    -nervous boxmen

    not subscribed.mail at .feel free to use those titles,these only are ideas.

  26. Cube Ball Battle ATTAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!!

  27. For some reason I feel that Game #3 should be called “The Other Place”. I can’t explain why lol

  28. that game # 3 trailer its insane.. so really cool!!
    and about the game name…i would call it “Cubelical”
    i like it =p

  29. Rainbows and Sugarcubes: A Lullaby

    This game looks amazing and chaotic, hopefully it will end up with a title equally absurd to match. Behemoth FTW!

  30. Game #3 should be the Trio of Terror

  31. Elemental Combat

    Looks like most of the mini-games are vs themed.

  32. Game #3 is a pretty good name that everyone already knows. It would probably prompt people to go and look for your first two games too (If they had been living under a rock and didn’t know what those were ;)).

  33. I was thinking of Shapes Colors ‘N’ Things

  34. “Gem Chaos” :O I think it would be a great game =D

  35. Wasn’t the song in the Game #3 trailer from Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup? Maybe I’m mistaken, but what ever. Since theres so much crying in the trailer why not call the game “Crystal Tear”?

  36. Roombadoom

  37. I think it could be named “Bouncing Crashers” or “Gem Wars”.

  38. Crazy Cretin Critter’s

  39. Color commando or boxy blowout, cube country chaos
    Cube antics, boxy blowout , color mayhem

  40. Acid Jumper

  41. I like the current title of Game #3. But, if you must, then re-name it “AWESOME!”, ’cause it is.

  42. ” gimme gem” or lost and cubed

  43. So looking forward to Game #3 which should be called Mucho Mayhem! <- (with an exclamation point)

  44. Name it Jumping Jack attacks!
    Would love to win Alien Hominid 🙂 (Already have CC and the necromancer DLC!)

  45. THE GAME or just Game #3. That sounds cool too.

  46. Game 3 from Outer Space

    even though it’s doubtful that it has anything to do with outer space. Or

    Blocks of Doom

  47. just name it –the other game– lol

  48. The Life of a Platformer.

  49. It should be “Quiz those quarks”

  50. From seeing the trailers, I’d say…Gem Hunters! Or any variation on that.

    And I got CC+DLC, so I just need Alien Hominid HD (Rhyme!)

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