Capsule Computers IS BACK !!

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We’re Back !! and we have a FRESH new LOOK !!

A lot of hard work around the clock by everyone at Capsule Computers has enabled us to be online once again and continue providing you all with the best service we possibly can when it comes to the world of video games !!

There is a poll on the right side .. please vote and let us know what you all think of the new look Capsule Computers.  And please leave any comments here, any suggestions on what you like and don’t like on the site.

Also Capsule Computers forums are up and running, make sure u check them out also.

At the moment we have two current Twitter competitions.  One with Com2us that ends in a few hours time and the other one will end once we reach 800 followers.  Check it all out on twitter.  Follow us by click on the follow us button on the right in the menu.

Thanks once again for your patience and we all look forward to bringing you some really cool news, reviews and interviews soon.

Capsule Computers Team

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  1. I like the website, nice and clean and easier to find links

  2. nice retro look!

  3. The tone and overall colors of the new layout blend perfectly together. The combination blends well. Good choices for a new, fresh site 🙂

    Twitter name: @brokentoyplanes

  4. The new website looks Sweet!

    You’re twitter friend,

  5. I have a comment here. I really like these colors you have and your title fonts, They are stylish. Its really looking great! easy to see and read. Bravo!!

  6. Congrats on the new site! Looks well-organized and easy to navigate.

  7. I like the banner at the top but I don’t care for the texture on the lower part of the page.

  8. I like the new look!

  9. Like the layout, colours work well together, you have a great deisigner there! Easy to look around aswell, like the ad to my right about deals, which is always a good selling point i think.xx

  10. The new site is nice looking. Seems more like something for a serious type business, like a law firm or something though. Not grungy enough for gamers, IMO.

  11. the best thing is it load fast fast fast! It’s clean and easy to read and navigate love it!

  12. loving the layout

  13. I really like it. Clean looking, easy to read and easy to navigate

  14. This is my first visit, but I like it!!!! @lag32583

  15. Noice! Website looks awesome, good job guys and girls 🙂

  16. Wow great design guys, love the new site.

    See you on twitter!


  18. Nicely Done! I am looking around here and The navigation of the siteseems much smoother. Jakob Neilsen would be proud 🙂

  19. Like the new look, kinda feels like a website for an RPG game for some reason.

  20. Overall look & feel is very nice.

    Layout has easy navigation.

    One Comment: The stars in the Top 5 Rated Articles list are huge compared to the font sized used for the article links.

  21. I like it, it’s clean and not cluttered up like alot of blogs are.
    I think it is perfect for gamers, it’s not too intense like other sites like to get. I love the more clean look. Y’all did a great job 🙂

  22. The site is very clean and clear. Easy to read and get around. Voted.
    Tweeted Giveaway.

  23. I think It looks great. Easy to navigate. My husband and son are the real gamers in the family. WE have the PS3, 2 ps2s, a psp, a DS , and the Wii.
    I will make sure he knows about this site! Thanks!!

  24. Nice and clean website…easy to read and navigate! Congrats!

  25. @lunachique Nice changes! I live the 8bit font and the background!

  26. I really like the color scheme. Easy to navigate. Very sleek! Nice job guys. I tweeted about your site here:

  27. Most blog sites I don’t bother with because they are so slow and a pain, this is very nice, good job.

  28. The site is clear and easy to navigate. I particularly like the use of those contrasting colours which are attractive and easy on the eyes for those of us who spends way too much time on computers at work.

  29. Welcome back – I like the new site

  30. Pretty nice website!


  31. Love ths ite, very clean, easy to read, it rocks!!!!

    twitter name @sweepscat713

  32. lol…great template!!! Aren’t WordPress templates fun?! We are actually thinking of using a very similar template for our church’s blog site after Christmas to spice things up a bit! Pure coincidence that yours is like the one we might use.

  33. i like it!

  34. Colorful, easy to navigate, not cluttered. I like it!

  35. I really love the color scheme and the texture, everything is so uniform and matches:)

  36. Great site! Love it! You guys are great!

  37. Great new look! 🙂


  38. I like the page and I’m following you guys.

    I also re-tweeted.

  39. never been here before, but i like what i see…it’s professional!

  40. Really nice site

  41. Wonderful looking site 🙂

  42. I voted that I like the site, great job!

  43. much more user friendly!!!

  44. Wow, I like this new “rust” kind of look.

  45. Awesome new site ! I really hope it’ll be as good as Touch Arcade which many will be expecting… All the very best to Capsule Computers and Cheers ! 😀

  46. Wow, Pretty Sexy! 😀
    Loving the paper-like feel to it 😉

  47. Looks great…

  48. I’m following you all thanks for the great tweets and giveaways!

  49. its easy to navagate the colors and layout are great I think youve done a great job

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