Breast milk ice-cream & Lady Gaga – You got nothing Charlie Sheen!

  It seems that the entire population went gaga when Charlie Sheen’s exploits were revealed.  And when he joined Twitter, news stories popped up faster than the Millennium Falcon.  Plus, he reached a total of 1,000,000 followers in near record time. Apparently, Lady Gaga (another of Twitter’s most popular people) just couldn’t take being shunned by the press for so long a ti...

Play NBA 2K11 – Get $50,000

If you play NBA 2K11 online on November 5th, 2010- January 15, 2010 you could be entered to win some great prizes.  Get into the top 256 of the leader board,s and then be entered into the tournament to win prizes and cash.  2K did a similar prize package last year for MLB 2K10, (albeit that was 1,000,000) but this looks like it will be swell as well (see what I did there.)  Go here for more info.

Capsule Computers Mid-Month Winners – MAY 2010

G’day Everyone Mid-Month Winners for the month of MAY are as follows: (Prizes have been allocated for the winners you will be notified of what they are via email) pjwification frankcastle66 Andrenekoi Ty Marron abouttandout – NOW if your new to how this all works. Check out the details below : Be an Active Member & Win Be an Active Member Of The Capsule Computers Community AND WIN ...

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