Fruit Ninja: Puss In Boots Lite Version Available Now

Fruit Ninja: Puss In Boots Lite version has scratched it’s way to iOS platforms, meaning everyone can now try the game out for FREE! The Lite version gives players a taste of a few precision and timing challenges from the game’s puzzling Bandito as you go head-to-head with a misunderstood tomato. Gameplay should remind players like the popular Fruit Ninja many should be familiar with, ...

Super Meat Boy PC pre-order sale, Final Characters revealed, and Free Game

Have you been waiting to buy Super Meat Boy and all of its meaty awesomeness for when it finally released on the PC? Well, Team Meat is so awesome that Pre-Orders on Steam are 33% off the launch price basically following the same example they set when they released the Xbox 360 version. Along with this news, Team Meat has also revealed the final two exclusive characters on the PC version. They are...

Playstation 3 software Update v3.40

Below is what is included in the Playstation 3 software update v3.40. It should be available right now, everywhere around the world. If you can’t update yet, because you live is some crazy location then hold on and read what you are getting an update for. PlayStation Plus: PSN users will be able to purchase membership to PlayStation Plus which is a new premium subscription service on PSN tha...

Crisis 2 – Trailer (Extended)

Bits of the below trailer may seem familiar to you, but chunks of video are scattered through out the trailer that was only seen by Press during the EA press conference at E3. It is now available in the below trailer for your viewing pleasure.

The Extended Version Of The Recent F1 Dev Diary

Codemasters recently released a Dev Diary for their game entitled “F1”. They later released an extended one that doubles the size of the diary. The logic behind this is unknown, but their folly is your appetite wetting video! Their is no release date yet on this Racing game, but I’m sure fans are perfectly happy with this video. Right? RIGHT?!

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