Uncharted film has a new director

All of us here and many of you are excited for one of Sony’s biggest titles, Uncharted 3 is expected to blow us away and many are already enjoying the beta. As many of us know Hollywood is trying to take this franchise to the sliver screen, but what you may not know is that the project is changing directors. Neil Burger best known for movies like Limitless and The Illusionist will be taking ...

“The Last Airbender” – Movie thoughts

My friends and I go to movies like these all the time to make fun of them. We went to the Dragon Ball Z movie and had the entire theater roaring in laughter. We went to the Prince of Persia movie and were so disappointed that one of my friends fell asleep and I ended up texting someone the entire time. We even went to the Karate Kid movie but I ended up getting kicked out for starting a fight with...

Skate 3 Trailer shows off co-op

Skate 3 Trailer shows off co-op

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