Force Unleashed 2 Trailer- Starkiller has visions; kills people

What happens when a young Jedi is cloned and his mind is turned to Jello?  Freakin’ rad explosions, lightsaber duels, strange visions and dismemberment is what happens!  Only a couple more weeks until we can unleash some truth on a couple of stormtroopers.  Don’t forget that the demo will release on October 12, 2010.

Boba Fett gets into Star Wars Force Unleashed 2

Despite his few appearances in the overall storyline of Star Wars, Boba Fett has always had a very large following among fans of the franchise. And those fans will be receiving a treat in the upcoming sequel to Force Unleashed. This is because today Lucas Arts has revealed that he will be showing up in the game, and will apparently be a new enemy you will face as Star Killer. Another interesting n...

This is not the release date you are looking for – Force Unleashed II

On the game’s official Facebook Page it looks like the official release date for Star Wars The Force Unleashed II has been unveiled. On October 26 2010 we shall continue the story of Starkiller after the events of the first game. There has been no information released yet on what the story will consist of, or what planets we will see. Also curious enough, it will be interesting to see how th...

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