Shaun White Launches …off a Building

The X Games have started to be pretty tame lately.  I mean, come on, skateboarders are only going up like 40 feet into the air.  Lame.  What can they do to spice it up? 1. Take Shaun White Skateboarding as an example. 1a. Build half pipes off buildings. 2a.  Advance science 1,000 years; transform pipes and park benches to their liking with the press of a button. 3a.  Do more gnarly and awesome tri...

Shaun White Skateboarding – Dev Diary 2

In the most recent Dev Diary for Shaun White Skateboarding you can see some of the work that went behind the gameplay of the game, as well as how the devs used motion capture to make the tricks within the game. Enjoy the Video Shaun White Skateboarding is due to release on October 28th, 2010.

Ubisoft is getting rid of game manuals

Ubisoft is getting rid of game manuals

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