Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13 Cover Art

Time to get excited again Golf fans as EA sports have revealed the cover art for Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13, once again with the great Tiger gracing the cover, this time joined by the exciting Rory McIlroy on the standard edition (AU and NZ) and the coveted jacket adorning the collectors edition. Being the only game where you can compete in the Masters in an attempt to win the prized green jacket, Ti...

Pokemon Champions are revealed

Who is the greatest Pokemon player on the face of the Earth? Look above. That boys name is Ray Rizzo, and he placed first in the Masters division of the 2011 Pokemon World Championships. This American, as well Junior and Senior division winners Brian Hough and Kamran Jahadi, who are American as well, certainly deserve their big win. Their prize is a portion of a $100,000 scholarship fund, set up f...

Beyblade Metal Masters Coming to NDS in November

Konami have announced their latest game for the Nintendo DS, Beyblade Metal Masters: Nightmare Rex. Based on the hugely popular range of Beyblade toys, the game is due to be released in November. Beyblade Metal Masters: Nightmare Rex brings the skill of the toy range to the Nintendo DS as players can customise their own Beyblade spinning top. Players can then test their skill against 37 characters...

Awesome Mega Man art

User “So Neko” on picasaweb has uploaded some truly inspired artworks of the Mega Man 2 robot masters.  Click on over to their profile to get a look!

F1 2010 Gameplay Trailer

Check out the video… Need I say more? Racing fans should have this game on their list. F1 2010 uses the EGO Engine used in DiRT and GRID, and will be out in North America on September 22nd, 2010. Europe gets the game on on September 23rd, 2010 while the UK gets it on September 24th, 2010. Enjoy the Video

The Extended Version Of The Recent F1 Dev Diary

Codemasters recently released a Dev Diary for their game entitled “F1”. They later released an extended one that doubles the size of the diary. The logic behind this is unknown, but their folly is your appetite wetting video! Their is no release date yet on this Racing game, but I’m sure fans are perfectly happy with this video. Right? RIGHT?!

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