Mass Effect fanmade song – Commander Shepard

I can’t believe I just found out about this.  There is a fanmade song about the iconic Commander Shepard from Mass Effect…and it’s actually pretty awesome.  The song was done by MiracleofSound and the video was done by MandaloreMovies and both come together for an awesome music video tribute to the main character of the Mass Effect universe.  The song has a very 80’s feel t...

Find Makarov – Live Action Modern Warfare Trailer

A rumor has been floating around that Activision was about to release some big news on the details of a possible “Modern Warfare 3”. All of these rumors were circulating around a site entitled; which now just leads to the youtube video below. Activision has denied that it is releasing any details on the next Call of Duty game: “There seems to be a great deal o...

Fan Made Half-Life 2 Movie Trailer

If you haven’t played Half-Life this trailer probably makes no sense to you, but it is still a nice video. Check it out below. Now if only this could be made into a full movie, it would be epic!

Mega Man Fan Made Movie

If you have about 90 minutes of free time, check out this fan made Mega Man movie. Wiley is superbly creepy, and remember it’s only a fan film so don’t expect anything overly fancy. Enjoy the video. Written and Directed by Eddie Lebron. For more info on the director, visit: and visit

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