Kmart – Black Friday Deals

Continuing with our Sunday release of the various Black Friday offers we bring you the sales from Kmart this time around. Now Kmart will be open on Thanksgiving day and having special deals for those who maybe finish Thanksgiving a bit early and decide to take advantage of the sales at the same time. Or considering how early they open up, maybe even head out shopping before anyone arrives for Than...

Starcraft 2 buyers get $20 credit at Kmart

Still busy deciding where to buy Starcraft 2? Well look no farther than Kmart! Starting Tuesday and running through July 30 Kmart is offering $20 credit to purchasers of the game. Saving money is always the best idea. Now the problem is, finding a Kmart that is still open around you. Keep in mind, that it isn’t worth spending $30 on gas to get to a Kmart and save $20 on the game.

KMart offers reduced prices on some games for a week.

Cheap games are always nice, many people only buy games when they finally drop down to $20. Luckily, KMart is dropping some of the latest releases down to low prices for one week only. This deal ends on May 10th, so if you see a game you like pick it up now. This deal is a United States deal, and may not be applicable on in other regions. $29.99 Darksiders Metro 2033 Modern Warfare 2 Bayonetta Ali...

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