The Top 10 Video Game Back-Stabs to see out July!

WARNING: MASSIVE SPOILERS FOR THE FOLLOWING GAMES: Final Fantasy VII, Goldeneye, God of War, Halo 2, Knights of the Old Republic, GTA Vice City, Uncharted 2, Portal 2, Bioshock. Hey folks. Another month is about to pass, and I think it’s time we saw this one out with yet another one of my monthly video gaming top 10 list! So it’s July. Do you know what this month is named after? The famed Julius C...

Halo: Reach has gotten Invasion Mode

The Halo: Reach beta has received the invasion mode today. This mode pits a team of elites against a team of spartans. This mode also incorporates vehicles as the game moves on. Vehicles include ghosts, warthogs, tanks and wrathes. You can either play the normal invasion mode, or slayer invasion which has all the tiers like invasion but the game ends when a team hits 100 kills. This fun mode also ...

Halo: Reach Beta info (Dates and Awards)

Halo: Reach Beta info (Dates and Awards)

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