Earthbound coming to Wii U?

The lights are on bright tonight for Nintendo’s Wii U Direct conference where they promise to announce new Wii U titles along with provide details on previously announced titles. As is usually the case with such conferences, hype is already building across the gaming community with speculation reaching boiling point. Following the hype and clues left behind by developers can be somewhat eye-...

Shigesato Itoi hints at a “re-release” of his most famous series, Mother

On December 20th, 2012 the creator of the now cult classic Earthbound (Named Mother 2 in Japan) Shigesato Itoi announced on his twitter that there may be a re-release of mother in the works. In the tweet, he he says that the re-release of Mother that he spoke of before is making progress. In another tweet he explains that it will not be a sequel, just a re-release. A re-release could be made for c...

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