Batman: Arkham City For Wii U

Holy Wii U Batman! The announcement of the Nintendo’s latest console, the Wii U, means that there is a list of games that will be available at the time of the Wii U release. While Nintendo, especially with games released for the Wii console, have focused largely on a casual market and aimed to expand gaming markets, a few of the games that will be released for the Wii U seem to be aimed towards mo...

Sub Zeros history in stunning trailer reveal!

Keep your eyes peeled for this game over the next 6 months, with the latest video showcasing the history of everyones favorite Sub Zero. Find out how this un-dead ninja assassin became the cold blooded killer and why Scorpion and Reptile, better watch out!

Eye Controller for Super Mario Brothers

Although an Eye Controller isn’t exactly the best form of control for a platformer, I can see this being used in the future for FPS and other games that actually require a lot of looking around. The video explains how it all works, so you really should check it out. Enjoy the video. What kind of video game do you think would benefit the best?

Possible Arkham Asylum Sequel Titles

Warner Bros. has gone out and splurged on a whole bunch of domain names recently. Below you will find the list of new domains they have purchased. PeopleForGotham....

A look in the life of a bouncing koopa

Thanks to the koopas having the ability to ignore friction as they hurtle across the screen bouncing off everything they come by, they will in turn never stop moving. CollegeHumor has looked has examined this fact and has shown us how cruel we have been to those poor koopas. Check out the video below and witness the horror you has set into motion. Stand with me now brothers and sisters and take a ...

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