Splinter Cell Conviction – Limited Collector’s Edition UnBOXING Video Review


G’day Everyone MasterAbbott’s back with another of his Collector’s Edition unBOXings !!  Today we test drive UBISOFT’s Splinter Cell Conviction Limited Collector’s Edition on Xbox 360.

This is what you get in the Limited Collectors Edition on the Xbox 360 PAL / EURO

* An exclusive Sam Fisher Figurine
* Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Conviction Game
* Infiltration Mode : Eliminate All Hostiles in the mission area without being detected
* A special playable skin : SHADOW ARMOR
* Early Access to 3 weapons :   SC3000, SMG-2 and MP5
* The Official Splinter Cell Conviction Soundtrack (Over 17 Tracks)

Check out the video unBOXing below to see everything up close and personal.

The Limited Collectors Edition does come with a few cool little extras.  But most of them should just be included in the game.  There’s no limited edition art book, that normally comes with collector’s editions, and the case is just your standard Xbox 360 case.  In other parts of the world this collectors edition actually comes in a nice tin case.  The saving grace for this collectors edition is the Sam Fisher Figurine.  It’s finely crafted and doesn’t look cheap, time and effort has gone into make Sam Fisher look as realistic as possible.  The soundtrack is also pretty cool but expected in a collector’s edition box set. 

How much would you expect to pay for all of this ?  Well here in Australia the RRP is $119.  Yes quite a steep price to pay for a game a sountract and a plastic doll.  If your a super keen fan of the Splinter Cell series you could swallow your pride and pay the price.  But for the rest of you just wanting to play the game, this collectors edition is a little to expensive.

Good Points :  

Sam Fisher Figure looks very nice


Bad Points :

No Art book

Content should already been included in the game


Overall score :


Play Hard Or Don't Play At All
  • LeperMessiah43

    Thats a crappy special edition aside from the figuring. The other stuff is already in the game-the weapons are all in it, and the infiltration mode is unlockable through U-Play.

  • LeperMessiah43


  • frankcastle66

    if you didnt use the code for the shadow armor i have some stuff i will trade you for it that i cant use ….i really want that armor

  • SickPigeon

    I love video unboxings. I couldn’t watch this one since I tried to open it though facebook on my iPhone. I will turn on laptop later to look at it. Sounds expensive. Soundtracks should be free unless on vinyl like Bioshock 2’s limited edition.

  • Andrenekoi

    A really boring collectors edition. These exclusive “in-game” bonuses are never fun as physical items.

  • Shane Dickson (OregonSlacker)

    I agree boring collection, figurines are great, but this one looks cheap in comparison to the Halo one being put out by Todd Mcfarlane’s toy line, I’ll save my money for Red Dead 😉

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