Playstation Vita Game Traveller Case Review


Playstation Vita Game Traveller Case
Distributor: Bluemouth Interactive
Platform: Playstation Vita
Release: 22/02/2012
Price: AU$19.95

The Playstation Vita came out with a handful of accessories at launch. One of those accessories was the Game Traveller Case for those who actually take their gaming on the go. With a stylish blue colour to fit the Vita’s overall blue scheme, an ergonomic yet bulky design and feeling like it has been built to be a sturdy protector, the Game Traveller Case will be essential for any Vita owner who plans on taking their gaming on the go frequently, just like me. This case is officially licensed by Sony.

Since this is purely for the Playstation Vita, the design of the case reflects the design of the Vita. The oval shape of the case allows the Vita to fit inside the case. Looking at the Vita inside the case, it looks nice and cosy in there. Outside of the case, the front sports the colour blue, which fits in the overall colour scheme Sony has installed for the Vita. If one has noticed, game boxes at retail are coming in blue, so blue seems to be the official colour of the handheld. Even the Playstation button glows blue when the Vita is on and not in standby mode. Right in the middle, one will notice the Playstation Vita logo as a metal plate.

Whatever this case is made of, it will definitely protect your Vita from any form of clumsiness that you may experience, such as dropping the Playstation Vita. This case was built for protection as it has a sturdy and tough exterior. Well, that is how it feels. It feels like it wants to protect the Vita. Expect that any time you might accidentally drop the handheld console. Vita owners will also notice the carabiner hanging off it. The carabiner is another security feature. The last thing anyone wants is their Vita to be stolen under their watch or leaving it on public transport. Well, the carabiner will allow the Vita to be attached to the owner’s clothing or accessory bag. It will stay very close to you, thus lessening the chance of theft or losing it.

The inside of the case has been given the same attention as the outside of the case. The case comes with a leverage strap. So no, a strap does not go over the Vita. It goes under it. This small strap is used to easily remove the Vita from the casing, since you probably want to charge when it needs it. This is quite useful, as the design doesn’t allow easy access to the sides, making it difficult to remove it via that method. Outside of the strap, there is a padded screen protector, decorated with the Playstation Vita logo. It does its job when the Vita is snuggled in the case. However, it can also act as viewing stand for your pleasure. Just fold it and there you go. However, I do not recommend it for gaming, as it does block the rear touch pad. If you flip the padded screen protector, then you will notice sixteen empty slots. These are for your library of games. With a capacity of sixteen games, this is quite generous. Some cases will not have any slots for games. There are no dedicated memory slots but they will fit in an occupied game slot.

The Playstation Vita Game Travellers Case is essential for the portable gamer. With a sturdy body that has a carabiner for extra security, a soft inside, a padded screen protector with a secondary function of a viewing stand and sixteen slots for game and memory cards, you will get more than an average game case. Cost may be an issue considering you will only get a case, while you can get packs that include a case and much more, but the quality is justifiable. Using it on the go, I can not recommend anything other case for the job. This is simply too good at what it needs to do and that is being the perfect case on the go.


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