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Sniper v's Sniper Online by Com2us OUT NOW !!

    Com2uS Announces Sniper vs. Sniper: Online for iPhone, iPod Touch Los Angeles, CA.,-October 22, 2009–Com2uS, a leading developer and publisher of mobi...

Welcome to Windows 7

Not game related but .. its what your gonna need if you want to play Games for Windows games.  Well let me rephrase that before people start ripping into me .. ...

Additional Information Re : Ghosts 'n Goblins & iPhone games

I wanted to share my thoughts on the future of gaming on mobile phones especially iPhones.  I have also included a few extra screenshots from Capcom’s new...

Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles Invades London's Zombie Walk

Info courtesy of Capcom-Unity First Toronto, and now London! Beware international Resident Evil Fans! Capcom will be present in central London in front of the T...

Capcom Mobile Announces Ghosts 'N Goblins: Gold Knights

Info provided by Capcom-Unity !! The retro gamer in me is jumping up and down with glee with the latest announcement from Capcom Mobile. Ghosts ‘N Goblins...

Play Darkside Chronicles Early and Join Us For a Resident Evil Trivia Night

Info provided by Capcom Unity We still have a few slots available for the trivia event in New York tonight at 6PM EST for Resident Evil. Join us for a night of ...

Japan's 3D Dot Game Heroes Features Loading Time Capcom Tributes

– From Software’s upcoming Japanese title, 3D Dot Game Heroes, has a nice surprise in that it seems to have tributes to other games during loading t...

Earthworm Jim on Iphone OUT NOW !!

Gameloft are proud to present EARTHWORM JIM on  the Apple Iphone/Itouch OUT NOW.  Grab your copy now via iTunes : Click on there link here For only $4.99 itR...

Undercroft – EPIC RPG for the Apple iPhone

Undercroft is a EPIC RPG game just released on the iPhone by software development studios Rake In The Grass. Undercroft is a turn based RPG very similar to the ...

EB GAME DEALS and Whats coming out this week

It’s a big week for games this week.  EB GAMES in Australia have the following deals on the new blockbuster games being released this week. GAMESTOP shoul...

Astro Boy .. Zooming in to a PSP near you !!

Watched the movie ..   Now play the game !! Game developement studio : D3 Publisher will be bringing to us the cutest mechanical robot boy in the entire world :...

Spyborgs already on special $19.99 – GRAB THIS BARGAIN NOW

Spyborgs on the Nntendo Wii is now on special at both Gamespot and Amazon. for only $19.99 US !! I’m not sure why as Spyborgs has only been out for a litt...

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