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GrandPar Gold coming soon to the a mobile phone near you !!

Introducing GrandPar GOLD for the IPhone by Com2us Info about the game : GrandPar Golf was ranked No. 1 game in Samsung’s Application Store for 5  consecutive d...

Pandemic Studios goes out Office Space style

As reported by a few people this week, Pandemic Studios has shut its doors forever but in the spirit of the movie Office Space, former Pandemic Studios employee...

Rogue Planet most talked about Game on iPhone TODAY !!

Plunge into this unique turn-based strategy game set in a futurist world. Take command of unbelievable battles in Solo and Multiplayer modes! – A BREATHTA...

The Last Week of Movember

As noted in the previous article : ROCKSTAR SPONSORS MOVEMBER This marks the last week of the month known as Movember – the annual celebration of the mous...

Castle Of Magic now on the Nintendo DSiWare

The cute platformer Castle of Magic by Gameloft is NOW available on #DSiWare in the US for only 500 Nintendo Points! Be prepared for anything as you try to save...

New Ballad of Gay Tony T-Shirts at the Rockstar Warehouse

Check out the Finery section of the Rockstar Warehouse now for these brand new additions to our collection of limited-edition Rockstar apparel, from the nightcl...

Are You Ready for This?! A.D.D. hits the iPHONE !!

ITS FINALLY HERE !!!  A.D.D by IUGO Mobile Entertainment Yup, you read that correctly! A.D.D. has FINALLY been approved! After sitting in Apple’s review queue f...

Super Mario Kart coming to the Wii – Virtual Console next week !!

I think that the original Super Mario Kart is still the best Mario Kart of all time.  I remember playing this with family and friends till my fingers hurt, lear...

Left 4 Dead 2 Update Released – For Steam

Valve has announced that they’ve issued the first patch for Left 4 Dead 2, fixing a number of bugs ranging from matchmaking issues with getting into Advan...

Gameloft cuts Android investment

Mobile games company Gameloft is reducing the amount of money invested in developing titles for Google’s Android platform. Gameloft’s finance direct...

Skater Nation – iPhone coming out SOON !!

Gameloft will be bringing to you the most realistic skateboarding simulation is coming to the AppStore ! Check out the trailer below and get ready to do some ma...

New Dark Void Video: The Watchers

[youtube=] This new vid has sneak peeks of the mysterious “Watchers” that Will...

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