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Cool Halloween Street Fighter Costumes !!

Now I know we’ve just started a new year but that shouldn’t stop us from already preparing for Halloween.  A fan of Capsule Computers pointed out th...

Nany Drew Complete Pack on STEAM at a fantastic saving

The Nancy Drew series created by Her Interactive is possibly one of the most successful adventure style series ever made.  They are especially very popular with...

Steams Last 24 hour special before it all goes back to normal

Here are the last BIG spcials before the time runs out and everything goes back to normal.  I have to say that STEAM have done an amazing job with all the speci...


This is not normal !! It CAN’T BE TRUE !! The 2009 VGA Fighting game of the year.  Capcom’s STREET FIGHTER IV is only $9.99 USD on STEAM !!!  How is...

Write a review win a STEAM POWERED PC GAME : 1ST PLACE : ANNO 1404 by Red Tank

Here is Competition 1st place winner : Red Tanks’s review of Anno 1404 Congratulations to Red Tank on a job well done. Enjoy the read and let us know what...

Chronicles Of Inotia Update information : RANGER CLASS on it’s way !!

Inotia 2: A Wanderer of Luone will offer a Ranger class with new updated features   With Com2uS releasing the most fully-featured RPG on the iPhone, the gaming ...

Lost Planet 2 Akrid Profile: Defolma

This cool piece of information is coming straight from Capcom-Unity’s very own community manager SNOW.  Snow runs us through some of the lesser but still ...

Onlive – Play games online on demand anytime, anyplace !!

– What would you say, if someone told you you could play the latest video games on demand, anytime and possibly anywhere. Games like GRID, BIOSHOCK, TOMB ...

3D Realms teases upcoming Duke Nukem projects

There’s a lot of chatter going on about what’s happening with Mr Kick-Ass and Chew Bubble (and I’m all outta gum) Duke Nukem and how even thou...

POP Cap Games 50% off all downloadable games Extended

PopCap is offering 15 of its games for half-price; for most of these titles, that knocks the cost down to $9.95.  Once you get stuck into such great titles like...

It’s Official Capcom announce delay of major titles

As you are all aware, from the previous article posted a few days before Christmas regarding Capcom’s delayed games, It’s now official.  Capcom have...

Merry Christmas From Guerrilla BOB & Angry Mob Studios

Guerrilla Bob came to Capsule Computers today to wish us all a Merry Christmas .. he destroyed half the building whilst he was here but he did leave us with a c...

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