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NHL 2011 Cover Athlete is Toews

Looks like the Chicago Blackhawks are getting love from all kinds of markets this year. NHL 2010 featured Right Wing Patrick Kane, they win the Stanley Cup this...

Red Dead stands at the top of UK Charts

John Marston is standing strong in the United Kingdom with another week at the top position in sales.  Even with powerhouse titles such as Super Mario Galaxy 2 ...

3DS Price Hinted at by Satoru Iwata

Venturebeat has managed to get an interview with Nintendo Boss Satoru Iwata and he had a bit of light to shine on the whole 3DS pricing question.  He was able t...

Move gets Gun Attachment

Sony have announced that their latest accessory the Playstaion move will get a gun attachment and we now have pictures …… The plastic gun allows the...

Puzzle Dimension is out on Steam

The guys from Doctor Entertainment AB, a Swedish independent game developer, released their first game today, Puzzle Dimension for PC. Puzzle Dimension is a puz...

Future X-Box 720 won’t be out before 2015!

I have a little piece of advice for those of you who are reluctant to buy the new X-Box Slim, fearing that a new model might follow shortly: DON’T WORRY! ...

Crackdown 2 Demo Hits Marketplace Today

The Crackdown 2 demo is now up for download on the Xbox Live Marketplace. Some were lucky enough to land a code for early access to the demo but for those of yo...

Let’s Golf! 2 – iPhone/iPad trailer

Check out Gameloft’s cinematic intro for their upcoming golf title Let’s Golf! 2 coming soon on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.   Trailer looks very pr...

Infamous 2 screenshots and trailer

Infamous 2 is an upcoming 2011 open world video game for the PlayStation 3, developed by Sucker Punch Productions and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. ...

Achievement unlocked E3 2010 reaches 45,000 attendees

E3 2010 is now over, and with that the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) have shared the following information : In total of 45,600 attendees from 90 dif...

Left 4 Dead 2 Headshot Mutation

How about some brains for your cereal this morning good sir? Well that is what you will have to do with this new mutation mode coming up for L4D2. The only way ...

Your Gray will Matter this October

Fans of point and click adventure games can rejoice. As Gray Matter now has a relative release date stated by the creator herself. Jane Jensen spoke to Joystiq ...

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