One Tap Hero Review


One Tap Hero 
Developer: Coconut Island Studios
Publisher: Chillingo Ltd
Platforms: iPhone (reviewed), iTouch, iPad
Release Date: August 23, 2012
Price: $0.99 – Available Here


You know that feeling when you want to battle an evil wizard because he has stolen your girlfriend and changed her into a teddy bear and the only way to get her back to normal is by collecting stars and using their power? Yep, we all get those crazy feelings and that is why the people over at Coconut Island Studios have created One Tap Hero to satisfy these crazy urges. So now all we have to do is see how the game truly is.


The story for the game is literally as straight forward as mentioned above.  You battle an evil wizard who has turned your girlfriend into a teddy bear and then you have to rescue her. Now there are some points in the game where you come across a little more of the actual story when you encounter a new enemy or more challenging puzzles. You could compare this game to the hit title, Angry Birds, because in that game you also complete levels and will unlock a new chapter with many more levels to play through. In simpler terms, it gets repetitive since you have to re-rescue your girlfriend on every level you play. If they would have taken a bit more time and added a true story to it, the game would be one of the best iOS games out there.


The gameplay is where One Tap Hero truly shines. When Coconut Island announced that all you would have to do is tap the screen to play the game, I was a little skeptical.  After playing the game it is safe to say that the gameplay works. You can literally tap to do anything, whether it is jumping, climbing ladders or to pull levels.  It all works well.

The levels themselves can sometimes be harder than the previous one you have played and that is how it should be. As you progress from chapter to chapter you will begin to notice that the platforming will get a little more tricky and you will have to begin to get more creative on how you will collect all the stars and then save your sweetheart.

While you are playing through each of the levels there will be keys for you to find and the more keys you find, the more bonus levels you will have unlocked for you to play. This addition of keys to the game adds a lot of replay value as you will be going back from level to level to see if you can collect all the keys.


The graphics for the game are cartoon and simplistic yet it works with the game’s cooler colors and shades they decided to use.  Everything in the game runs well as I never did experience an issue with lag or any bugs and/or glitches. It is a great app that shows how to use coloring in the best way possible.

Along with the good graphics, they also give you the option to change your character visually. In order to obtain the costumes, you must first collect enough coins in the game to purchase them or you can buy more coins by doing an in-app purchase for them.


The audio is just what you’d expect from an iOS game. With the games unique melodic soundtrack, you come to feel a sense of peace and serenity from the game (think Viva Pinata). If you aren’t one for peaceful music then they make up for it in the games FX in which you can hear anything ranging from what sounds like a xylophone to just about any other sound they would use in old cartoons. Sadly, I cannot say the same for the character audio. Whenever you jump or do other actions like that, the voice he makes sounds fuzzy and too high pitched.



One Tap Hero is definitely a game I would go and check out if you are the type of person that enjoys a good clean platformer. It will give you what you asked for, a game that requires only one tap to play it.  While the game isn’t challenging at first, it will slowly progress and get more difficult as you continue to play through the various levels. This game does have its issues though with the terrible audio used for the main characters voice and the story.

For only ninety-nine cents, it is safe to say that you get your money’s worth from this game. Now all we have to do is wait for number two to come out.


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