Nescaline NES Emulator Video Review



Software developer Jonathan Zdziarski has created the first Official APPLE App Store approved Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator for the Apple iPhone.  And spending a few hours playing with it.  I can clearly say that Jonathan has done a fantastic job at creating a very professional and well rounded emulator.  For Version 1.0.0 this Nintendo (NES) emulator runs very well.  Of course it has its little glitches with images and sound but mainly all the games (which I own the original cartridges for)  that I was able to upload to the Emulator worked quite well and played just the way I remembered them to be back good old days.

Well I still have my NES top loaded still hooked up as I still collect the NES games, but it’s now even cooler to take this legendary home entertainment console with you everywhere you go.  I have gone through all the options and features of the emulator in the review so I think all thats left to do is click on the play button and allow me to present to you the Nescaline Emulator for the Apple iPhone review by MasterAbbott of Capsule Computers.



Capsule Computer would like to give Nescaline 8 Capsules Out Of 10.  It does need a little more work as explained in the video review but overall its exactly what you need to relive your childhood all over again. 


Grab your copy of Nescaline now from the Apple iTunes Store Click on the BUY Now button below.

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