Mass Effect 2 : Collectors Edition Contents


G’day everyone MasterAbbott is back with another content review.  This time its Bioware’s Mass Effect 2 Collectors Edition on the Xbox 360.  I won’t bore you with typed words.  I’ll just let you watch the video and show you what you get inside.

Mass Effect 2 Collectors Edition was released in Australia today (28th Jan 2010) and is priced at $119.95

Let us know what you think of it, and if you believe what you get in this collectors edition is worth the price.   Gamewise it the best RPG game on the Xbox 360 scoring a massive 96 out of 100 on metacritic, making it the 3rd best game of all time on the Xbox 360.  A big round of applause to all the fine men and women over at Bioware and also to EA !! 🙂

Play Hard Or Don't Play At All
  • Sick Pigeon

    I liked the video unboxing. I agree with you about the value, a bit too much. No offense but only 1 suggestion. Get a lovely young Aussie girl to do the next opening. Haha! Probably not a good idea though. I’d melt due to her accent and buy every thing she talks about. Good work!

  • Kylie

    Sounds very cool 🙂

  • The artwork is clearly superior on this edition of the game and that alone should compel people to buy this edition. That artwork could win awards!

    Of course this game comes with much more. Bonus digital content (although I doubt it’s anything special) as well as art and the first edition of a comic.
    I’m hoping that the PS3 collector’s edition is different or improved though.

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