Lazy Raiders Xbox Live Arcade Review


Lady Raiders
Publisher: Sarbakan
Developer: Sarbakan
Platforms: Xbox 360 
Release Date: February 24th, 2010

To see more games by Sarbakan visit their website ‘Sarbakan Website’ and follow them on twitter for updates on their games  ‘Sarbakan Twitter’.

“Dr. Diggabone’s so lazy he won’t even walk… But that’s not stopping him from going after 16 priceless lost relics. Jump in and take control as you tilt and flip the world to send him on a quest for instant fortune and fame.” [via]

That little summary taken from the Lazy Raiders website pretty much sums up the entire story plot.

You play as Dr. Diggabone or your avatar (In Dr. Diggabone’s clothes). Even your avatar has become as lazy as Dr. Diggabone as gravity pulls you through the caves in search for your fortune. The game is a puzzle game, so it doesn’t require much of a story other then why you are there in the first place.

The gameplay of Lazy Raiders requires you to shift the map by spinning the room and letting gravity do all the work. Since Dr. Diggabone is too lazy to move, he will just let gravity drag him down. By spinning and flipping the level you help him collect gems, idols, and relics. You can’t appreciate the entire mechanic until you see it for yourself, so here is the trailer for you guys to watch.

If you didn’t watch the trailer, then you really are missing out. So go watch it!

Now that you have watched the trailer, you can see that the game gives a feeling of being rushed, and having to quickly make your decisions. At times this is true but Lazy Raiders is still a puzzle game, so take your time and plan your actions carefully (unless you are going for a good time on the leaderboards, in which case you should do it as fast as possible).

The controls are simple. Y focuses the screen (Some people are quite sensitive to the spinning, and focusing the screen helps reduce the spinning effect slightly). The left and right triggers zoom in and out gradually, while the bumpers zoom in or out to the max level. Finally, A flips the map completely upside down.

Many things will try to kill you while solving these puzzles (actually you will kill yourself, since all the threats are based off of them coming to you due to gravity, or you spinning the map wrong and falling into harm’s way). Spikes are abundant, Boulders flow with gravity, and thieves steal your gems. There are 80 levels for you to master, each revealing even more traps and obstacles to avoid as you search the caves in search for treasure.

There is a small ambient of background music as you traverse through the levels. The background music helps envelop you within the atmosphere of the game, but it is usually drowned out by boulders hitting walls, blocks falling, and chimes as you pick up gems. The game seems to pride itself on its sound effects because these are more clearly evident and will catch your attention more than the background music.


Lazy Raiders is entirely single player and all the achievements just take time, patients, and quick solving. Most of the achievements are pretty easy depending on your skill level, the hardest one is “Legend – Collect all 16 relics and all 192 idols”; pretty much 100% the game. If you manage to unlock the ‘Legend’ achievement you will most likely have unlocked every other achievement already.

The game also includes a few gamer pictures unlocked by starting the game. Two avatar awards are also within the game.

Dr. Diggabone’s Outfit – Unlocked by just starting the game.
Dr. Diggabone’s Hat – Unlocked by collecting all 16 relics (beating the game)
(Below the achievement list is a picture with an avatar wearing the outfit and the hat in game, since it is the only thing your avatar can wear in the game)

The Achievement List is:

  • Prodigal -Find the mysterious Crystal Skull.
  • Olympian – Finish a maze in less than the gold time.
  • Filthy Rich – Amass your first million.
  • Friendly – Collect a relic with your Avatar.
  • Collector – Collect 25 idols.
  • Conqueror – Collect all 5 relics of the Seven Cities of Gold.
  • Generous – Let the Thieves snatch at least 1 million.
  • Spelunker – Collect all 5 relics of the Arctic Wrecks.
  • Guinea Pig – Get hurt by every type of trap.
  • Marshall – Collect all 5 relics of the Wild West.
  • Sprinter – Finish a maze in less than the developer’s time.
  • Legend – Collect all 16 relics and all 192 idols.

Lazy Raiders is a puzzle game with a unique “Spin” (excuse my pun and the ones that follow). It will keep you on your toes trying not to die, while at the same time forcing you to make accurately quick gravity switches to collect the gems. Lazy Raiders starts you off smoothly but quickly tosses you into the nearly impossible. Lazy Raiders is a truly mind spinning puzzle game and you won’t even notice the clock’s hands spinning as time flies by, except for those of you who use digital clocks (yeah, go ahead ruin my pun streak!). I give Lazy Raiders 9 capsules out of 10, so go buy it and get lazy! Hopefully this game gets onto the Iphone where the game mechanics can truly flourish.



  • Avatar Support! (pity you can’t wear your clothes, you instead wear Dr. Biggabone’s clothes)
  • A unique gameplay experience that combines strategic puzzle aspects and quick paced action aspects.
  • Leaderboards can lead to endless hours of competition against your friends and the world.


  • If you get dizzy easily, this is not a game for you. (I’d suggest downloading the demo first to make sure you can handle the gameplay mechanics).
  • Some of the sound effects reminded me of Mario and took me out of the treasure hunter feeling.
  • When flipping the entire level, it is extremely easy to lose your location and losing your location is dangerous when there are 3 boulders rolling around.


  • The game is a puzzle game, and is pretty difficult as you get higher up in the levels (especially if you want to get good times for the leaderboards and get every single idol). This can be a Pro or a Con depending on the skill level of the player, and whether they like a challenge or not.

Lazy Raiders Website


Sarbakan has been gracious enough to supply an extra Lazy Raiders code for us to give to our readers. Leave a comment telling us why this game looks interesting to you for a chance to win. Once we get 20 to 30 comments we will pick a random winner and email him or her the code. Make sure your email is valid so we can send it to you.

  • Lisa Garrett

    My grandson would love this. I probably would too!

  • I downloaded the trial, and if I were buying games for myself only, this would probably be quite high on my “To Buy” list… but alas, I have a colourblind husband that I need to think of too, and so unfortunately this game is not suitable for him 🙁 My points are safe….

    In regards to the competition, though, for me, I love the way you can have your avatar in the actions – works really well 🙂

    But please, developers… can’t you have colourblind options too? A bit of shading, or symbols works a treat! Colour alone to distinguish between the locks and keys is no good if half the colours look the same to you 🙁

  • Andrew

    I’d love to win this game because of its unique style of gameplay, where you move the environment around the character, rather than the character. Your tip about taking your time and not letting the game rush you is probably the most important one that anybody can give about this.

  • mirpkered

    This is a fantastic concept for a game. This isn’t one of the typical platformers where players just mindlessly get to the end of the stage and that is it. This game seems to require a lot of thought behind it. It also seems safe to say that there are many ways f\to finish a level giving this a high replay value.

  • Matthew

    Game looks very good and interesting. I really want to try this game out and play it in the GameRoom.

  • incphi

    Thank you for the great in-depth review!

    Out of this week’s three XBLA releases this was the game that I was most interested in. However, instead of solidifying my purchase decision the demo left me feeling a little unsure.

    For some reason, the tilting control felt non-intuitive to me. I hope that it’ll become second-nature thru further use. I’m not one subject vertigo, but I could see how all the spinning & flipping could become a little disorienting. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your view), the game seems very forgiving.

    Skimming thru the achievement list I thought they sounded a little too easy, with the exception of beating the developer’s time. And, speaking of ease, I’m glad to hear that the difficulty ramps up. That was my biggest concern. I sped thru the demo so quickly that I worried the whole game might be a breeze. So it’s reassuring to hear that the difficulty ramps up in the later levels.

    Thanks for the details on the avatar awards. My first thought when the game suddenly redressed my avatar was whether we get to keep the new threads.

    Btw, the music must not have had much of an impact on me either. Even though I played it approx. 2 hrs ago, I cannot recall the theme(s)

    As for the giveaway, what first intrigued me when I heard about this game was the interesting twist of moving the environment instead of the your character.

  • Looks like it can be loads of fun & I really like that you can use your avatar in the game.

    Something unique is alway a plus.

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  • David

    Avatar support, searching for treasures, and spinning the levels make this game look interesting to me.

  • Andrenekoi

    This game mechanics is really different from everything else i had played. I would buy it for PC.

  • Shane Dickson (OregonSlacker)

    Looks Like a great game, maybe another puzzler to pass the time when I get that RROD fixed

  • Ty

    This game looks like tons of fun. I’m sure my kids would love it. I may have to grab for pc.

  • Miqualke

    This game looks really interesting. the gameplay seems really fun and creative.

    I think i’ll give a shot to the demo this week end 😉

  • digital ink

    I found the demo for Lazy Raiders to be refreshing and fun. It puts a nice spin on puzzle platformers, no pun intended. I especially like how it lets you assume the role of your avatar. To long has he just stared back at me from the dashboard and waved. It’s time to get his hands dirty.

  • Wanyal

    I played the trial of this, and was quite enthralled. good luck to those that entered!

  • MetalHeadX

    It looks very interesting because its not the classic game where you go just ahead the wolrd and nothing happens. This game first of all is something new, the moving screen is something like wario’s game in wii, and it makes the game more wanted to be played.
    I think it would be a good game, after all, XBox need more games like this one

  • Riley

    It looks interesting. I sort of wrote it off as shallow after initially watching the trailer, but the more I read, the more I find the gameplay to be a bit deeper than what I initially thought.

  • PlayingMantis


    I’m not sure if the color issue is really a problem, at least not in the beginning (what I can tell from the demo). I always just went for whatever treasure or key I could get to…not sure if it becomes less linear in later levels or not.

    I thought it is interesting because it’s like a simplified version of And Yet It Moves, with an added collection and score mechanic.

    Got kind of frustrated at the first “boss” level with the thief, hard to avoid him.

  • @PlayingMantis

    I did the same as you in the trial that I played, just going for everything. But they are different colours for a reason – to show which keys unlock which locks, and that should be identifiable for colourblind gamers too. As you say, it’s unknown whether this will be a problem later in the game…

    For that reason, I would not consider purchasing this, just in case it does become unplayable for my husband… am happy to playtest the free one that’s up for grabs, though, hehe! 🙂

  • earthquake survivor

    It´s awesome that you can use your avatar, I´ve been waiting for more games to use this feature + this puzzle idea seems to be very unique and worthy to take a look

  • pikemoney

    would love to win this love puzzle games:)

  • sKuLLmAn xXx

    the idea of a game with the player controlling the world is very original…and although it’s also been used in loco roco, i luv it.
    and the fact that you can use your avatar as the main character

  • Doug

    I would like to get this game because it reminds me of those old marble games where you had to tip the bored to make it to the hole, I enjoyed that game.

  • Winner of the Lazy Raiders Competition is :

    Comment by ilRadd on February 25, 2010 at 10:20 pm Edit
    Looks like it can be loads of fun & I really like that you can use your avatar in the game.

    Something unique is alway a plus.

    Congratulations code will be sent to you via email

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