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Gundam AGE
Episode 1 – “Our Savior, Gundam”

This has been a strong showing for Sunrise this season, with series like Phi Brain with it’s complex and engaging puzzle concept to Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere with it’s bizaare nonsensical sense of humour and now Gundam AGE. Now it is worth noting that I am somewhat of a newbie to the Gundam franchise, having only watched an episode of Gundam Seed and about 3 episodes of Gundam 00. So needless to say, I am not going into Gundam AGE with a wealth of knowledge on the franchise’s history.

Despite going in without any prior experience with the franchise, I found myself highly engrossed in this first episode. I was hooked in with the emotional cold-open of Fleet’s past and continued to be glued until it’s final moments. It is not everyday an episode opens and ends in all out war and actually pulls it off with ease.

But that is exactly what Gundam AGE has done. Everything felt so grand in scale and as a whole bigger than nearly all of the new series this Fall season (you could make a case for Hunter x Hunter). Which I attribute to both the excellent pacing and execution as well as the well composed characters that held it all together.

The entire episode really set the bar for what is to come with this series, not only that but the overall production quality of the episode was phenomenal. The animation on show here was awe-inspiring, in particular the fight scene at the end between Fleet’s Gundam and one of UE Mobile Suits.

Fans of the Gundam franchise have been quite vocal regarding the new art-style of this new series with some going as far as to call it “kiddy”. I assure you the artwork here is not what I would classify as kiddy. If anything I’d say it is quite reminiscent of the Mega Man franchise. With a lot of the character designs reminding me of that style. Regardless, it does the job and looks great while doing so.

As for the music, well I am not entirely sold. I personally would have chosen something with a little more punch, instead of the ballad’s that were used. But that is just me. For a series with giant mech fights and as much action as this, I think a much faster paced opening and ending was warranted. Thankfully, the soundtrack shines through with the background music which perfectly captured the mood and atmosphere of what was occuring on screen providing a great companion to the events of the episode.

This first episode of Gundam AGE really set the tone for things to come and if what was on show here is anything to go by we have some really huge things ahead of us with this series. The preview for next episode promises the continued struggle with the UE, which is sure to be enthralling. All-in-all I was completely blown away and eagerly anticipate the next episode to see where this series will take us.


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  • Cloud

    A good review considering you’re a Gundam newbie. But as long time Gundam fan I’d have to say the first episode of Gundam Age is really disappointing.

    The animation is great, but to be honest the art style is just a typical kiddy friendly animation compared to other series in the franchise. The opening theme is probably the most underwhelming opening I’ve watched in a Gundam series.

    Anyway I suggest you continue watching Gundam 00 and other series in the franchise before watching this one.

    • Luke Halliday

      Thank you. I have been hearing that from a lot of long time Gundam fans. I will definitely continue Gundam 00, but for now I enjoyed this enough that I will continue this as well.
      As for the opening and ending themes, as I said in my review, they did not suit. They were just so slow, when really I feel they should’ve been more intense and exciting.

    • This is a series aimed at children; so it is going to look “kiddy”. To be honest though, I also got the whole Mega Man vibe from the art-direction.
      The show had to simplify it’s themes to suit it’s targeted audience, which it has done quite well.
      Honestly, the series is nowhere near as bad as SEED; and we should all seek solace in that regard.

  • I think we need to get Michael Marr the Gundam GURU in on this, he knows his Gundam inside out and then inside again.

    • Luke Halliday

      Yeah he needs to get in on the Gundam action!

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