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MechWarrior Online ‘PROJECT PHOENIX’ Gets an Upgrade – ‘Saber Package’ Available for Pre-order; Game Sees Significant Increase in New Players in Anticipation for Sept 17th Launch


2:58 am
September 5, 2013

Philip Federico


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MechWarrior Online ‘PROJECT PHOENIX’ Gets an Upgrade – ‘Saber Package’ Available for Pre-order; Game Sees Significant Increase in New Players in Anticipation for Sept 17th Launch

Heading to its official 1.0 launch on September 17th, stats reveal a substantial increase of new players in MechWarrior Online

The Inner Sphere – September 4, 3050 – Piranha Games and Infinite Game Publishing unveiled key figures today along with the general availability of the ‘Saber Package’ upgrade for its successful PROJECT PHOENIX, a special pre-order program for MechWarrior Online. Early returns on adoption rates of the Saber Package in the first few days alone show an impressive attachment rate, suggesting fans are bolstering their lances in preparation of battles to come during the 1.0 launch and beyond. Additionally, the average daily and monthly user statistics month-on-month show an increase of nearly 10 percent growth, which is attributed to key player-friendly features such as the new tutorial, balance and combat enhancements, the new third-person view and new `Mechs and maps going live in advance of the official launch. With some big content additions planned over the next few months, the game is also experienced concurrent user numbers at all-time yearly highs.

With the Saber Package upgrade, fans are able to upgrade their existing PROJECT PHOENIX package for $30 which will include two new classic `Mechs: The Wolverine and the Griffon. The Phoenix variants of each come equipped with a 30 percent C-Bill earning boost, a 10 percent loyalty point boost, limited edition camo spec pattern and colors. As a bonus, the Saber Package also includes two standard variants of both the Griffon and Wolverine, thus packing a whopping six Mechs into your Mech Bay. This is an unbelievable chance for new pilots to jump in and nab incredible additions to their Lances.

PROJECT PHOENIX was announced last month and is still available for pre-order now at The pre-order offer further bolsters the exceptional range of in-game content by offering fans the chance to grab rare, beloved and perk-wielding `Mechs from the BattleTech universe. Additionally, the latest update introduces new players to the anticipated tutorial feature for MechWarrior Online, which will assist in training new pilots before they enter combat in the Inner Sphere.

The tutorial is the first of several planned tutorials to aid new pilots – something new players to the game will benefit from greatly as they learn to pilot different `Mechs and learn key basic elements of combat in the Inner Sphere. Learn more about the MechWarrior Online tutorial in the game modes menu under ‘Tutorials.’

Also making its debut today is the ‘Protector’ Hero `Mech.  This powerful ‘Mech sports an Orion chassis and was first built in 2456. Initially designed as the ultimate BattleMech, the Orion chassis combines a powerful mix of long and short-range weaponry, not to mention its respectable 14 tons of armor. Though more modern advancements make the Orion chassis seem slightly dated, it still finds itself utilized extensively on the modern battlefield as it’s a ‘Mech that can handle almost any role in combat.

This new `Mech has a maximum ground speed of 64.8 km/h and its spacious interior makes performing repairs and maintenance far easier than many other 'Mechs. Fans who purchase this `Mech can look forward to a 30 percent C-Bill boost, making it a powerful addition to any Lance. Check out the official trailer for the Protector `Mech at .  

MechWarrior Online is currently in open beta and officially launches on September 17th. Get in the game now for free at

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