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"Bleach Online" a Free MMORPG Game based on the Bleach manga.


12:06 pm
August 19, 2014

John Lucifer

Level 2 : n00b
Level 2 : n00b

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Bleach Online is a free anime browser MMO devBleach Online has been Enters Open Beta Phaseeloped and published by GoGames. The game is based on the popular Bleach franchise and it is set in the same universe. Bleach Online protagonists wake up after a long recovery sleep that lasted 1000 years. With the help of Captain Yamamoto and many other friendly characters, players must recover their lost memories and fight to protect those close to them. Bleach Online starts with a small tutorial that guides players through game’s basic mechanics. Challenging content and complex features are unlocked as characters progress and get higher levels.
Bleach Online
The character system allows players to form a team by recruiting companions called partners. These partners are just like regular MMORPG characters. They have stats, skills, abilities and equip gear. Bleach Online gear is divided in 6 categories: headbands, armors, belts, cloaks, shoes and weapons. There are also 6 color coded tiers that determine quality. Players are able to collect materials and craft equipment by visiting the Blacksmith NPC located in Blue Steam Gate. Fortifying is a process that enhances gear attributes. Partners are recruited from the Tavern. Bleach Online players can have a maximum of 10 partners at a time. A combat team supports 5 partners. Dismissed partners are not forever lost, they simply go back to the Tavern. Bleach Online has turn based combat. The attack order is determined by partner’s speed. Each partner fulfills a combat role: vanguard (tank), assaulter (dps) or support. Partners receive stats bonuses based on their role. Spirit stones are an additional way to boost stats. Stamina spirit stone increases HP, block spirit stone enhances block rate and so on. Spirit stones can be bought from the Bleach Online store or awarded for taking part in various game activities.

Daily PvE and PvP activities are available to all Bleach Online players. Evil Spirit is a world boss battle. Ryoka Attack is a PvE event where players have to protect the city against waves of mobs. Like all MMO browser games, Bleach Online has instanced dungeons. Each instance has 2 modes: normal and hard. The second mode is unlocked after completing the dungeon at least once in normal mode. Guild War is a siege warfare PvP event. Protect Seireitei is an event where all guilds from a server clash in a massive PK confrontation. Arena is available for level 20+ players. Bleach Online is free to play and has optional VIP membership, premium players gain some advantages but there’s enough content to keep free players engaged and entertained for a long time.

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