Metro 2033 – Xbox 360 Review

Developer 4A Games Publisher THQ Engine 4A Engine Platform Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 Release date NA March 16, 2010 EU March 19, 2010 Genre Survival horror, first-person shooter Mode Single-player Rating PEGI: 16 ESRB: M USK: 18

Metro 2033 Avatar Mask Free with registration

Metro 2033 Avatar Mask Free with registration

Darksiders Demo now available for download via XBOX Live Marketplace and PSN

Yes it’s finally here.  THQ’s apocalyptic Zelda with a Portal Gun DARKSIDERS is now available for download via XBOX Live Marketplace & Playstation Network !! Details Below : for XBOX Content: Darksiders Demo Price: Free Availability: Not available in Japan Dash Text: Battle through the complete first dungeon of Darksiders, with over 90 minutes of gameplay. Take on Hell’s demon hord...

FREE Copy of Red Faction: Guerilla

For all of you that bought an early copy of Darksiders when it first came out.  There was a coupon in there with some sort of code on it.  Well if you didn’t throw it away or give it to your goat to chew on, then your in SUPER luck right about now !! The Darksiders Community Site, have announced that all you lucky peeps who held on to this special code will be getting a few little presents. ...


Ladies and Gentlemen, Capsule Computers would like to share a special article written especially for us by freelance editor, Scott Bullock.  Scott will be throwing his opinions around on the latest video games from time to time and this is one he has shared with us today. – Darksiders Nobody does Armageddon right anymore. That movie Legion failed hard, morons are freaking out about 2012, and...

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