Tokyo Game Show 2009: The Capcom store

Most of the big software publishers set up their own store at TGS, which the public will descend on in force on Saturday and Sunday (this weekend). There’s a huge variety of goods and t-shirts from many of Capcom’s big franchises, with an emphasis on Ace Attorney and, of course, Monster Hunter. Check out some of the pics … More will come soon 🙂

And we're off the Tokyo !!!

Yes I’m off to Tokyo on Tuesday 15th for a well deserved holiday.  Also no holiday will be complete without a bit of work on the side.  I’ll also be making my way over to one of the most anticipated shows of 2009 : TOKYO GAME SHOW 2009 !!!  The show starts on Thursday the 24th of September and ends on Sunday the 27th. Tokyo Game show does not need any introduction and so I’m not ...

Capcom and Koei bring Samurai Hotness at TGS 2009

Capcom will be partnering with Koei at this year’s Tokyo Game Show on an exhibit of amazing samurai stuff.  They will have items on display from all your favorite sengoku-era warlords, including Oda Nobunaga, Uesugi Kenshin, Naoe Kanetsugu, and Date Masamune (!!). Of course there will be plenty of stuff you’ll recognize from Capcom’s Onimusha, Sengoku Basara, etc., and especially...

A Night in Fantasia to return in 2009 – bigger, bolder and more spectacular than ever!

Are you ready for the most sensational Eminence concert to date? The ‘ANight in Fantasia’ concert series has been recognised around the worldas the most popular brand of video game / anime concerts, so you willbe pleased to hear that The Eminence Symphony Orchestra is warming upto present ‘A Night in Fantasia 2009′ at the Sydney EntertainmentCentre on Saturday 26 September, 2009. Featu...

Comic Con 2009

Who is going to Comic Con this year ? Looks like its gonna be BIG !! Check out the Comic Con offical Website with all the cool stuff thats going to happen this year. Anyone who’s going I’d love to know what your looking forward to seeing whilst your there. Offical Comic Con Website :

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