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I play video games from time to time and sometimes they manage to elicit a reaction from me that I can't help but write about them.



ELEX Review

ELEX Developer: Piranha Bytes Publisher: THQ Nordic Format: PC (Reviewed) Release Date: 17 Oct 2017 Price: $49.99USD – Available Here Overview ELEX starts off with an interesting setting, mixing the old and new. Medieval and technological. Magic and raw steel. Already a ticket to success if that would be all that it takes for a decent RPG game. So let’s delve deeper to see if the setti...

Stoic Reveals New Artwork For Banner Saga 3

As they say, all good things must come to an end and that might be especially true in this case. Stoic has released the first artwork for Banner Saga 3, along with some new information about the final entry in the trilogy. The acclaimed series will put you one more time in the gorgeous hand-drawn Viking realm. You’ll test your strength (and strategic wits) against many adversaries, with each...

Horror Game Inmates Puts Us Behind Bars With New Launch Trailer

This fall is slowly turning out to be the season of promising horror games. I already reviewed something from that repertoire recently and now we have another spooky release around the corner. Inmates is a new unsettling experience, courtesy of Iceberg Interactive. You wake up from a nightmare into an equally scary reality – a prison. All that you can remember is that your name is Jonathan a...



Vaporum Review

Vaporum Developer: Fatbot Games Publisher: Fatbot Games Format: PC (Reviewed) Release Date: 28 Sep 2017 Price: $19.99USD – Available Here Overview There are not many RPGs that can satisfy my need to snoop through (mostly) abandoned locations and loot whatever I can find. Vaporum gives me one gigantic location with a lot of secret areas, lockers and containers to pillage from. Killing many en...




RUINER Developer: Reikon Games Publisher: Devolver Digital Format: PC (Reviewed) Release Date: 26 Sep 2017 Price:  $19.99USD – Available Here Overview One of the good things about indie releases is that they manage to breathe some fresh air in stale or otherwise not so popular genres. Top-down shooters are a good example. We’ve all have some playtime in Alien Swarm (mostly thanks to th...



Samurai Riot Review

Samurai Riot Developer: Wako Factory Publisher: Wako Factory Format: PC (Reviewed) Release Date: 13 Sep 2017 Price: $14.99USD – Available Here Overview Arcade beat ’em ups hold a special place in gaming history (and mine as well). Double Dragon, Streets of Rage, Battletoads…..many of them have achieved a cult status by now. Since Steam introduced Greenlight, we have seen a reviva...



White Day: A Labyrinth Named School Review

White Day: A Labyrinth Named School Developer: SONNORI Corp Publisher: PQube Limited Format: PC (Reviewed) Release Date: 22 Aug 2017 Price: $29.99USD – Available Here Overview Most of the horror games have a simple setup. Pick something safe & familiar as a location (bonus points if it’s abandoned) and make the protagonist some brooding, handsome male who just happens to be there t...



Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth Review

Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth Developer: Daedalic Entertainment Publisher: Daedalic Entertainment Format: PC (Reviewed) Release Date: 15 Aug 2017 Price: $29.99USD – Available Here Overview Daedalic Entertainment gets a lot of respect from me. With their constant stream of quality releases, they managed to get me interested in a genre I never really cared for. After playing thr...



Cat Quest Review

Cat Quest Developer: The Gentlebros Publisher: PQube Limited Format: PC (Reviewed) Release Date: 8 Aug 2017 Price: $12.99USD – Available Here Overview I’m a simple man. I see “cat” in a title, I’m already interested. When it comes to games, that has not served me well so far. I can thank Greenlight’s quality check for that (or lack of any, to be honest). Asset f...

Viking Survival RPG Valnir Rok to Make a Debut at Gamescom

Independent game developer Encurio GmbH has joined forces with Reverb Triple XP publisher to work on Valnir Rok, a Viking-themed online RPG. Set on a mystical Nordic island, the game will pit you against the harsh environment, ferocious beasts and other players. Aside from being hostile, the island is also filled with valuable loot, so there will be a lot of hidden caves and forgotten ruins to exp...

Tower of Time Preview

Tower of Time Developer: Event Horizon Publisher: Event Horizon Platform: PC (Previewed) Release Date: 14 July 2017 Price: $14.99 USD – Available Here Honestly speaking, tactical RPGs were never my cup of tea. Despite that, I have the rule to occasionally get out of my comfort zone and try a different game every once in a while. It served me well so far and made me discover some amazing games in t...



Little Red Lie Review

Little Red Lie Developer: WZOGI Publisher: WZOGI Format: PC (Reviewed) Release Date: 7 Jul 2017 Price: $9.99USD – Available Here Overview We don’t see often games who decide to grapple with serious topics. After a while, we begin to understand why is that. The majority of those who try approach such issues in a safe way, sometimes with a ham-fisted lesson that beats you over the head w...

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