Tom Alderton

One Upon Light Coming to Steam

Enigmatic puzzle game One Upon Light by Singaporean developers SUTD (Singapore University of Technology and Design), and publishers Rising Star Games, has had it’s release announced for later this February. After stockpiling a number of awards for Indie game development in China and Japan, One Upon Light will soon be available on PC and Mac via Steam and other digital retailers. Taking place...

SUPERHOT Release Date Announced

Begun in 2013 as the child of a seven day game jam before becoming a popular Kickstarter campaign, SUPERHOT has finally announced a release date: February 25th. Developed and published by the Polish SUPERHOT team, SUPERHOT is a stylish and unique entry to the crowded field of FPS games. Described as a ‘time-bending shooter’; SUPERHOT has the player dodge bullets, pluck weapons from fal...

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