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Assassin’s Creed Review

Assassin’s Creed Studios: Ubisoft Entertainment, Regency Enterprises Publisher: 20th Century Fox Platforms: Cinema Release Date: 01 January, 2017 – Tickets Available Here Overview Assassin’s Creed is a gaming franchise which has taken the gaming world by storm. When one thinks of mainstream, AAA, big-budget games, one can only look at Ubisoft’s quasi-historical, quasi-science fiction s...

Trailer for new Baywatch Movie set to Drop Tomorrow

Paramount Pictures has teased that they will be releasing a trailer for their new Baywatch film tomorrow. The film, based upon 90s television series of the same name, will be directed by Seth Gordon and stars Zac Efron and Dwayne Johnson. The television series has a claim to fame for immortalizing David Hasselhoff as a bronzed beach-going lifesaver in the popular consciousness. The series is also ...

In The House Season 0.1 Lineup Announced

The charming folks over at In The House just announced their new line-up for the upcoming Season 0.1. We’ve reviewed the last couple of seasons and had a grand old time watching everything from Boyz N the Hood to Aliens. Season 0 of 2016 isn’t quite over yet and they’re still doing screenings of From Dusk Till Dawn next week and Gremlins on the 16th of December. Here is the list of fil...



The Thing Review

The Thing Studios: The Producer Circle Company, Peregrine Productions Hawk Films Publisher: Universal Pictures Platforms: Cinema Release Date: Out Now Overview I am, when it comes to cinema, an absolute coward. I specifically cannot stand horror films and am the first to run for the covers whenever the music starts to build even slightly. As a film geek, however, that simply will not do. Luckily f...



The Shining Review

The Shining Studios: The Turman-Foster Company Publisher: Warner Bros Platforms: Cinema Release Date: Out Now Overview Straight off the uncanny experience of watching The Thing, I went to the In the House screening of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. Kubrick is considered a master of cinema and I have examined his work previously here as a part of the Niche 505 program which the folks at George St c...



Independence Day: Resurgence Review

Independence Day: Resurgence Studios: TSG Entertainment, Centropolis Entertainment, Electric Entertainment Publisher: 20th Century Fox Platforms: DVD, Blu-Ray (review) Release Date: 19th of October, 2016 Price: $29.98 AUD- Available Here & $9.99 USD- Available Here Overview The original Independence Day by Roland Emmerich was released twenty years ago and fundamentally changed the nature of th...



Viking: Season 4 Volume 1 Review


Vikings: Season Four Volume 1 Studios: MGM Publisher: MGM Television, 20th Century Fox Platforms: DVD, Blu-Ray (Reviewed) Release Date: 12th of October, 2016 Price: $44.98 AUD- Available here & $39.98 USD- Available Here Overview The Norse raiders have returned once more to the shores of my channel surfing coach kingdom. Considering this is the fourth visit by these brutish sailors, you might ...



Raging Bull Review

Raging Bull Studios: Chartoff-Winkler Productions Publisher: United Artists Platforms: Cinema Release Date: Out Now Overview I’ve never been much of a fan of sports genre films as I find their narrative progression to largely remain immutable across multiple instances. I’m generally uninterested in seeing a likeable, underdog protagonist come up against and then best a rival in the athletic arena ...



X-Men: Apocalypse Review

X-Men: Apocalypse Studios: The Donners’ Company, Marvel Entertainment, TSG Entertainment, Bad Hat Harry Productions, Kinberg Genre Publisher: 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment Platforms: DVD, Blu-Ray (Reviewed) Release Date: 28th of September, 2016 Price: $29.98 AUD- Available Here & $19.99 USD- Available Here Overview The last X-Men film, Days of Future Past, had our eponymous heroes ...

State of the EB Expo

Too often the gaming public in Australia get shafted when it comes to games and gaming more often than not when it comes to attention from the big publishers. For a country which spans a continent, we don’t really have that large a population and it follows that as a gaming market we are small potatoes when it comes to the Asia-Pacific region. What we lack in numbers, however, we make up for in sh...

Horizon Zero Dawn Hands-On Preview

After seeing Horizon Zero Dawn announced at last year’s E3, I have been eagerly consuming every tidbit of media about the game which has since come out. Developed by Guerrilla Games and published by Sony, the game features an incredibly intriguing new setting in which biomechanical life has become dominant upon the Earth. Imagine my surprise when I found out a working code of the game would be ava...

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Hands-On Preview

The first thing I noticed upon entering the world of Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is that it is, in fact, a world. What I mean by that is that in previous Zelda titles on consoles, such as Windwaker, Ocarina of Time and Skyward Sword, Nintendo created the feeling of an expansive world by essentially creating vast spaces of emptiness for the players to traverse. Basicall...

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