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Overlord Review

Overlord Studios: Bad Robot Productions Publisher: Paramount Pictures Platforms: Cinema Release Date: 6th of December, 2018 Overview When I first heard about Overlord, I was excited at the prospect of a proper genre film getting a mainstream release. Originally, there was speculation that the film would fit into JJ Abram’s wider Cloverfield cinematic mythos (which is apparently a thing) but I am h...

Special Effects and The Thing Interview with Aron Dosiak

Photo Credit: Zelkjko Nedic and Amelia Arsenic; Shivr Wax Wings Will Burn Aron Dosiak has studied at the Adelaide Central School of Art and the National Institute of Dramatic Art for sculpture and design. He’s worked freelance in the arts and entertainment industry building mechanical puppets, sets, props, prosthetics and make-up both for local and international productions. In the lead up t...



Labyrinth Review

Labyrinth Studios: Henson Associates, Lucasfilm Publisher: TriStar Pictures Platforms: Cinema Release Date: Out Now Overview After watching The Dark Crystal, I settled in for the long haul to watch the second film in the In the House double feature; another Jim Henson cult classic: Labyrinth. I’d previously seen this film when I was younger on TV and remember enjoying it; it was a fun adventure fi...



The Dark Crystal Review

The Dark Crystal Studios: Henson Associates, ITC Entertainment Publisher: Universal Pictures Platforms: Cinema Release Date: Out Now Overview I’d always heard the name Jim Henson spoken about with reverence in the many (mainly geeky) circles that I move through. I’d only ever seen The Dark Crystal, a seminal work of his, on my computer screen quite recently (I kid you not within the last year) and...



Scarface Review

Scarface Studios: Universal Pictures Platforms: Cinema Release Date: Out Now Overview Scarface is a cinema classic which has found a dear place in the heart of many people who admire the gumption of its protagonist. Having seen parts of the film previously, I looked forward to catching the full breadth of it’s majesty in a proper cinema theatre as it was originally intended to be screened. I have ...



Antman and the Wasp Review

Antman and the Wasp Studios: Marvel Studios Publisher: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Platforms: Cinema Release Date: 5th of July 2018 – Tickets Available Now Overview It’s been less than a month and, once again, I found myself watching yet another superhero film (after only recently reviewing the new Incredibles film). I did enjoy the antics of the original Antman and although I am bur...

Season Nine of In The House Starts Tomorrow

Wasting no time at all since last season, our good friends at In the House are kicking off season nine of their cult classic film series tomorrow with a screening of Steven Spielberg’s Jaws. In the House is a long-running film screening which we’ve covered for some time now. They’ve done a lot of legwork in fostering a casual and friendly atmosphere for their screenings with plen...



The Incredibles 2 Review

The Incredibles 2 Studios: Pixar Animation Studios Publisher: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Platforms: Cinema Release Date: 14th June 2018 – Tickets Available Here Overview I am not the biggest fan of superhero films; not because I don’t like them but rather because I am most definitely suffering a case of superhero fatigue at this point. I’m glad that the Hollywood entertainment behem...



Once Upon a Time in America Review

Once Upon a Time in America Studios: The Ladd Company, Embassy International Pictures Publisher: Warner Bros Platforms: Cinema Release Date: Out Now Overview I’m a fan of spaghetti Westerns and I am familiar with director’s, Sergio Leone, works from A Fistful of Dollars and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. It was due to a blind spot in my film nerd knowledge that I didn’t actually know that Leone w...



Starship Troopers Review

Starship Troopers Studios: Touchstone Pictures; Jon Davison Productions Publisher: Buena Vista International Platforms: Cinema Release Date: Out Now Overview Paul Verhoeven is a staple of sci-fi geeks everywhere with Robocop and Starship Troopers being his two most beloved works. I’m already a big fan of Verhoeven and of Starship Troopers, so I jumped at the chance to watch it up on the big screen...

New Trailer Released for Mission: Impossible Fallout

A new trailer has been released by Paramount Pictures for Mission: Impossible Fallout, made by Christopher McQuarrie and starring Tom Cruise. The film is the sixth entry in the Mission: Impossible film franchise and is being produced by Bad Robot Productions, Skydance Media and, (interestingly) Chinese megacorporation, Alibaba Pictures. The trailer features a lot of action quick cuts as we see Cru...



The Shawshank Redemption Review

The Shawshank Redemption Studios: Castle Rock Entertainment Publisher: Columbia Pictures Platforms: Cinema Release Date: Out Now Overview I was already familiar with Frank Darabont’s The Shawshank Redemption after having seen it a number of times broadcast on TV in my youth. This would be the first time I would be able to see the film on the big screen, however, and I looked forward to finally see...

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