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Buffaloed Review

Buffaloed Studios: Lost City; Bold Crayon Pictures; MXN EntertainmentPublisher: Magnolia PicturesPlatforms: Digital – out now on iTunes, Google, Xbox, Amazon and other major digital platforms.Release Date: 9th of September, 2020 I’ll be honest, I wasn’t too impressed with the trailer for Buffaloed when I saw it. It looked like another run-of-the-mill American comedy which ultimatel...



Deliverance Review

Deliverance Studios: Elmer ProductionsPublisher: Warner BrosPlatforms: CinemaRelease Date: Out Now Deliverance is a film I learnt about during my youth as a film which was uniquely confronting. Although my friends and I would quote some of the lines or imitate the sound of a banjo to each other with a certain degree of humour, it always had a certain mystique of taboo for me in how it would approa...

New Gemini Man Featurette Showcases New Film Tech

Paramount Pictures has dropped a new featurette for Gemini Man, their film produced by Skydance Media (also producing the new Top Gun) and Jerry Bruckheimer. Interestingly, the film is starring and co-starring Will Smith. The featurette goes into detail about how the film showcases new digital special effects technology to digitally alter and de-age Smith to play a younger version of his own chara...

Top Gun: Maverick Official Trailer Released

In our age of remakes and sequels, the latest movie to get fresh look is everyone’s favourite military action drama, Top Gun. The sequel, Top Gun: Maverick, had dropped its trailer at San Diego Comic Con by Paramount Pictures and you can find it below. From the trailer, it appears that aging action star, Tom Cruise, reprises his role as fighter pilot Maverick. Alongside him, you can spy Jon ...



Pretty in Pink Review

Pretty in Pink Studios: Paramount PicturesPlatforms: CinemaRelease Date: Out Now Pretty in Pink is one of the quintessential John Hughes teen comedy films and is much beloved by audiences. I am someone who categorically dislikes teen movies largely because screenwriters often fail to properly depict the delicate balance between youth and maturity that teenager characters really should be. I honest...



The Princess Bride Review

The Princess Bride Studios: Act III CommunicationsPublisher: 20th Century FoxPlatforms: CinemaRelease Date: Out Now I first saw The Princess Bride back in high school when I was 13. I remember deriding the film for its name and its (assumedly) feminine tones and themes. Oh golly, how wrong I was… To see whether the film has held itself up in my eyes into adulthood, I headed on down to George St ci...



Heathers Review

Heathers Studios: Cinemarque EntertainmentPublisher: New World PicturesPlatforms: CinemaRelease Date: Out Now I first had Heathers described to me as “Mean Girls but with a serial killer”, which sold me immediately on the concept. Over the years, I’ve enjoyed the musical numbers from the stage musical adaption of the same name but I had not ever actually gotten around to seeing the original film. ...

New Rocketman Featurette Has Elton John Cameo

A new featurette released by Paramount Pictures features the likes of Elton John praising the direction and authenticity of Rocketman, a musical fantasy biopic of his life. The film presents a highly stylised depiction of Elton John’s rise to fame and stars Taron Egerton in the lead role. A previous featurette highlighted the work that Egerton has done in performing covers of the songs for t...

New Pet Sematary Lore Trailer

A new trailer came out for Paramount Pictures new reboot of the horror classic Pet Sematary which goes over the basic plot background for the film.The original Pet Sematary film adaption was released in 1989 and first brought Stephen King’s original creepy tale of a cursed graveyard bringing the dead buried there back to evil second life to the silver screen. This new film, directed by Kevin...



Heat Review

Heat Studios: Regency Enterprises, Forward PassPublisher: Warner BrosPlatforms: CinemaRelease Date: Out Now I had first heard of Heat years ago, when I still had a keen passion for performance, from an acting teacher who raved about the performances and editing of the film. He was a pretty good teacher and I remembered the recommendation to this day, so when I saw that the film would be in this se...



First Blood Review

First Blood Studios: Anabasis InvestmentsPublisher: Orion PicturesPlatforms: CinemaRelease Date: Out Now So In the House is back for another season and we’re very excited to see their triumphant return with the first installment in the Rambo action film series: First Blood directed by Ted Kotcheff. I had not previously seen the movie when I came in to the theatre and I honestly had some preconcept...

New In The House Line-up Released

Just when you thought In the House might pass Event cinemas this year, they go and put out their new line up for this year! We’re big fans of the cult classic film screening series and we’re very glad to see them make another return to give modern audiences a chance to see these films up on the big screen. This new season has a couple of old favourites (which we’ve reviewed) and quite a few ...

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