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New Xbox controller snubs the nub with transforming DPAD

It's an answer to a lot of small problems, that Microsoft hopes will keep their controller in the market, for years to come. While they go about phasing out old model XBOXs for the new (new) 'slim' model, the new controller was also revealed this week, in a design decision that was apparently rooted in 'covert operations', the military and all round functionality for core players.

Sub Zeros history in stunning trailer reveal!

Keep your eyes peeled for this game over the next 6 months, with the latest video showcasing the history of everyones favorite Sub Zero. Find out how this un-dead ninja assassin became the cold blooded killer and why Scorpion and Reptile, better watch out!

PopCap and TAITO bring “Pop Tower” to Japan

Only in Japan, would they call their next generation mobile gaming platform "Pop Tower TM". So named, because of the partnership between PopCap Games and TAITO Corporation (TATIO(R)) of Square Enix Holding Co subsidiary. PopCap are world leaders in social and networking games; with smash hits such as Bejewled, Zuma and Chuzzle. The dedicated service will go live, in Japan, early next year.

Microsoft rolling out Foxtel for Xbox this week

In a just announced press release, fresh from the lips of Microsoft itself; expect Foxtel on your XBOX by the end of the week- if you want it, that is. For a monthly cost or simply pay per view, the new scheme may yet undercut piracy in Australia or will it only add to the growing amount of digitally distriubted media in Australia. Is Foxtel Australia's answer to netflix and TIVO, with a preffered...

Want to appear in a game!- The Witcher 2 wants you

For some lucky kid out there (or over 18 young at heart) their dream of actually starring in their very own video game cameo is about to come true. Basically, yall have until next Monday (November 15th) to dress up like the main characters of The Witcher PC video game and then spam the developers. The very lucky person with the best cos-play costume, will in fact get to appear as cameo in the next...

Call of Duty Soundtrack -Available Nov 9th

In a move, that is sure to generate hype: Activision has revealed that the soundtrack to Call of Duty Black Ops, will be available to download November 9th when the game drops. The digital only music features 30 tracks including scores from renowned film composer, Sean Murray. The tunes will be available through iTunes and other major retailers.

Playstation Phone leaked: Is this also the PSP 2?

We are happy to announce that rumours now appear to be fact, as the popular site Endgaget have leaked the specs of their acquired 'Playstation Phone' collaboration between Sony and Ericosn. The question remains, is this also the long awaited PSP 2 as well as next gen smart phone

Video Games blamed – for the death of an infant

04th Nov 2010 - In other world news today, a young mother has pleaded guilty to killing her baby son, after he interrupted her with crying; while she was playing FarmVille on facebook. In a sign of the times, this is yet another messy situation that the courts have to deal with, and one which obviously leads people to squarely point the finger- at video games.

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