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Nathan Drake movie heads into Uncharted waters

So the actor formally known as Max Payne, is now currently planning to fill the boots of seminal cult character Nathan Drake: Yes I am talking about Mark Wahlberg. How many other movies based on video games can he star in before someone tell him to stop! Onto of which surely he is not the only actor who looks like Nathan Drake?

GT5 Patch December 1- Adds damage modelling

So 2 days after the Nov 24th launch, have you already had enough of GT5? No, then this patch might be for you. Excuse our English, because we have another translated piece of news all the way from Germany.

The Elder Scrolls V: Officially Unofficially confirmed!!

So sometimes Google translations pay off. Please treat the following as "unconfirmed" rumour that more or less appears to be correct, as EUROGAMER.dk is reporting a bizzare incident where one of their journalists sat behind one of the guys from Bethesda working on the game. It appears that a direct sequal to Oblivion is indeed, in the works:

Bungie still wants you! – Beta testers needed

Bungie Activision wanting you! to help them come ever closer to their goal of 'taking over the world'. Yes, their next big thing in under way and Beta testers are required as soon as possible.

Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga – Review

The Divinity series by Larian Studios is perhaps, at least in our own country, a rather unrepresented series of better than average role playing. Coming out of Belgium, Last years Divinity II suffered from poor porting on the XBOX and PS3 and less than stellar reviews. The updated game of the year edition: Dragon Knights, hopes to address these issues while including the full expansion to boot. Ca...

Gamevil Holiday update – Now recruiting for closed Betas

Our friends over at Gamevil just this past few days, have released a bunch of details about the upcoming holiday season and the games that you- need to play. They are currently developing on a number of consoles with a variety of media for the whole family so check out the pics, movies and games, and make sure there is just a little bit more room in the stock- for Gamevil.

New Deus Ex Gameplay footage!!

Deus Ex is what dreams are made of. Edios Montreal are making those dreams come true, with Deus Ex:Human Revolution a reboot of the seminal Deus Ex, single best video game of the last(previous) decade. The following video is the 3rd to be released a gives away a ton of dirt on some small details, including what the HUD and menus will look like and alot of the upgrades and modifications. This is...

Portal 2 delayed:Easter 2011

Valve has released a statment that Portal 2 has been delayed..., by two months past it's initial Feb 2011 release. yes, we will now get to aperture science in April 2011.

A.P.B confirmed ‘free-to-play’ MMO in 2011

You may be forgiven, for never having heard or played All Points Bulletin, the seminal Saints Row style MMO from the good people who bought you such gems as Crackdown. The news that it has been picked up by Free-to-play MMO developers GamersFirst is bitter sweet for Realtime Worlds who spent a lot of time and energy making the game before filing for bankruptcy and letting go of up to 200 staff. Af...

Dragon Age 2 rises to power with gameplay footage revealed!

Bioware is already well into making the sequal to last years phenomenal Dragon Age - Dragon Age II . The latest trailer to hit the XBOX Live market place and interwebs is entitled "Rise to Power" and can be seen in all it's glory

Mafia II continues with Joe’s Adventures

'That lovable scamp' from Mafia II Joe Barbero is back, in Mafia II : Joe's Adventures on November 23rd. Sporting dozens of new City based missions, many new locations in Empire Bay and filling the gap during the time that your main character in Mafia II, Vito, was locked in the slammer; working for the Mob has never looked so good (just check out that sanchez moustache!)

Faery: Legends of Avalon- Review

It may not seem like much, but if you ever dreamt of reliving your childhood, or visiting some of those oft imagined fairy tails from some long forgotten dream, then French production house Spiders Studio may just have the game for you. Read on to find out how the legend of Avalon lives on in Faery.

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