Aliens Vs Predator HUNTER EDITION un-BOXED


G’day everyone MasterAbbott is back with yet another of his Video Game Collector Edition un-Boxing’s. Today we have Sega / Rebellions latest title Aliens Vs Predator Hunter Edition.

Take a look at the video below to see what you get for $149 AUD.

Aliens Vs Predator Hunter Edition un-boxed XBOX 360

Let us know what you thought of the un-boxing. Do you believe Aliens Vs Predator Hunter Edition is worth all that money ? Your thoughts…

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  • Andrenekoi

    I’m not sure if the game itself is worth buying, but this special package and that alien-thing is awesome.

  • Chris

    Well the only thing good in this edition is the free map pack wich i still agree that should be in the game already.
    I have a question though
    Does the disc come with something new or what?
    I mean why would you want the facehugger if your not a kid and dont play with it, the 3D card doenst do anything special just reflexes in some corners with colors.
    The only good thing is the free map pack witch comes with the edition but im more interested in this game for the PS3 and they said that the map pack would come out in the playstation store but im not sure.
    Does it come for the XBOX as well if you dont buy this edition?
    I mean you can buy the map pack form XBOX live store and the playstation store so why buy this over 100 dollars.
    If it doenst come anything special with the CD and its just the map pack i really consider not to buy this edition.
    Can someone answer my question at the top if you know the answer please.
    Thank you.

  • TY

    The price seems a bit steep to me but the packaging and everything looks good.

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