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We tackle the first of three chapters of the Summoners Fate campaign as Sylvia, the squirrel flinging druid on novice mode. We’re rocking an insectoid/small animal deck for this run through the twisting hallways of the dungeon.

Summoners Fate is a roguelike adventure that fuses traditional turn-based combat with tactical card combat. Set in the fantasy land known as the Multiverse, you’re tasked with guiding summoners through perilous quests in search of hidden secrets, powerful cards, and mutated rabbits.

Summoners Fate
Developer: D20Studios, LLC
Publisher: D20Studios, LLC, WhisperGames
Platform: Windows
Release Date: 20th June, 2022
Price: TBA

Available now on Steam –


Recommended – While the audio is a little rough and the controls could use some improvement, Summoners Fate has just enough content and the right foundations to be worth a purchase for fans of the deck building genre willing to get in on the ground floor.”

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