<strong>World of Warships Announces</strong><br><strong><em>Longest Night of Museums 2022</em></strong><strong>,</strong><br><strong>Supporting a Global Network of Naval Museums and Charity Organizations</strong>

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The event returns for a second year offering an opportunity to win an all-expenses-paid trip to one of the iconic museums

AUSTIN, TEXAS (May 12, 2022) — Wargaming, publisher and developer of the naval multiplayer free-to-play game World of Warships has today released the details of its Longest Night of Museums initiative, designed to publicize and support naval museums across the world. Beginning May 18, 2022, World of Warships will publish one museum showcase article per week, giving insight into each museum’s naval history. Museum curators will bring their museums to life in these articles providing fascinating information, assets, and historical details for their respective museums.
World of Warships has hidden characters in the articles to encourage readers to read all the stories and uncover the special bonus code. The first person to crack the code will win a five day, all-expenses-paid trip for two people to one of the naval museums featured in the articles.
These articles will also feature embedded video footage of last year’s Longest Night of Museums event, which had over 1.4 million people attend a virtual tour of the more than 15 naval museums from around the world which participated via Twitch and YouTube.
With the continuation of the COVID-19 pandemic, museums have been hit incredibly hard over the past two years. Beyond the financial impact, many lack their own digital platforms to share their exhibits and make their desired impact on the world remotely. Therefore Wargaming, the developer of the world’s most historically accurate, naval battle video game World of Warships, continues to support these museums and bring them in front of a wider audience.
The event has been publicly celebrated by the World of Warships community, which stands at over 50 million players, and museums from last year’s event lauded the impact it has had on their organizations:
“Joining in the international Longest Night of Museums was a great experience for us. We got to communicate directly with people from all over the world, many who had probably never heard of us before,” said Johannes Olsson, Museum Educator, Maritiman, Göteborg, Sweden. “At the same time, we got interesting glimpses of some of the sister museums all over the world, many of whom we would dearly like the opportunity to visit in person. We look very much forward to joining the event this year as well.”

“Longest Night of Museums is an incredible tribute to the valour of the men and women throughout history whose heroic actions in battle have shaped the world we live in today,” said Elissa Lines, Executive Director, Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum. “We are proud to tell the Pearl Harbor story in this new and innovative way.”

The Longest Night of Museums 2022 can be followed via the World of Warships website here.

About World of Warships
World of Warships is a free, historical, online combat PC game from Wargaming. With its massive fleet of most iconic war vessels, including four different ship classes and strategically designed environment, World of Warships provides the ultimate naval warfare gaming experience, suitable for everyone. Thanks to its largest collection of historically accurate ships available to play, World of Warships prides itself as a digital ship museum and a focal point for naval history enthusiasts. New thematic content and innovative game modes are being added on a regular basis, providing a diverse and exciting gameplay to its broad player base.

One franchise – multiple platforms
After the successful launch of World of Warships on PC, its unique gameplay and design has been adapted to bring free massive naval battles to other platforms with World of Warships: Legends available on PlayStation and Xbox and World of Warships Blitz on iOS and Android mobile devices.

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