Gotham Knights Cancels Last Gen Versions, Highlights Nightwing and Red Hood

No longer in development for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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The last time we heard about Gotham Knights was that Warner Bros. Games would be bringing the title to consoles and PC on October 25th but this latest piece of news has limited those options. Today, alongside developer WB Games Montreal, the companies have announced that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game will no longer be released and instead the company is focusing solely on releasing Gotham Knights on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and PC.

Alongside this news came a large gameplay demo showing off thirteen minutes of footage featuring Nightwing and Red Hood as they take on various enemies as well as show off a pre-order bonus in the form of the 233 Kustom Batscycle skin. Also revealed was that the game is now avaialble for pre-order with a standard version priced at $69.99 USD, Deluxe Edition for $89.99 USD that includes the Visionary Pack with a number of bonus skins and gear, and finally a $299.99 USD Collector’s Edition that offers an augmented reality collectable pin, 16-page media book, exclusive Gotham City map, four-character statue diorama and more.

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