Immersive Language Learning Game Influent Schools Android Devices Today

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Immersive Language Learning Game Influent Schools Android Devices Today

LOS ANGELES – Apr. 21, 2022 – Influentthe immersive language learning game from Three Flip Studios that has taught new languages to more than 500,000 students on Steam, declares class in session on Android via the Google Play Store today.

Learn a new language by virtually encountering everyday words and objects commonly found in real-world settings, improving both vocabulary and listening skills in more than 20 languages. A complement to other language learning tools on the market, Influent also teaches situational context of nouns, verbs, and adjectives in a gamified format to make language learning fun and engaging.

Discover the world of Andrew Cross, the young inventor of a revolutionary language-translating device known as the SanjigenJiten, capable of scanning objects and translating their names into any language. But when the greedy CEO of a massive tech company steals the invention, Andrew sets up a fundraising livestream. He pledges to livestream himself mastering over 400 words in a language learning marathon to raise the money needed to take them to court.

Explore Andrew’s apartment to learn the words for hundreds of everyday objects, such as the pillows on his bed, games on the shelf, and food in the refrigerator. Play through comprehensive challenges that help hone both visual and auditory memorization, like piloting a remote-controlled spaceship in Space Vole and blasting lasers at the correct objects for given words.

Customize vocabulary lists to focus more time learning troublesome words, track progress, and monitor setbacks by measuring proficiency to make sure words go from tongue-tied to eloquent. Discord integration helps language learners share their progress, get help, and even help others.

“I’m super excited to bring the fun of language learning to a new audience and get Influent into the hands of players on Android devices,” said Rob Howland, Co-Founder of Three Flip Studios and creator of Influent. “Whether you’re on a commute, have ten minutes to kill, or are just winding down for the night, helping people learn new languages in an engaging new way has always been the goal of Influent and this new mobile edition makes it much more accessible.”

Influent launches today on Android via the Google Play Store as a free download with French, Italian, and Korean packs available at no cost plus 20 additional language packs available for $3.99 each.

Influent’s long list of language packs include English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Swedish, Latin, European Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Hindi, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Russian, Bulgarian, Dutch, Polish, and Welsh.

For more information, please visit Influent’s official website, join the official Discord server, which features in-game integration to track and share progress with others, check out the game on Twitter and Instagram, and follow Three Flip Studios on YouTube and Twitter.

About Three Flip Studios

Three Flip Studios is a passionate two-person development team. They published Influent on Steam, a language learning game developed under a research project at the Entertainment Computing Laboratory at the University of Tsukuba, Japan, and have since launched Armed and Gelatinous, the frenzied multiplayer arcade space shooter in select arcades throughout the US.

To learn more about Three Flip Studios, please visit its official website.

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