The Latest in GTA Online: Hao’s Special Works Bonuses on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, Double Down Rewards, and More

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Bonuses for New Hao’s Special Works Race Series and Time Trials on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S
Plus, Double Down as Franklin and Lamar to Get Double Rewards, and More

Grand Theft Auto Online weekly events are bigger than ever with the game’s arrival on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. During each event, players on the latest generation of consoles can take a new Hao’s Premium Test Ride for a spin, attempt a personal best in Hao’s Special Works Time Trials, and get even more bonuses and discounts.

This comes in addition to all the bonuses, discounts, and special weekly event offerings available to players across all versions of GTA Online.

Only on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S

Hao’s Premium Test Ride: Coil Cyclone II
Drop by Hao’s Special Works inside of the Car Meet on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S for this week’s Premium Test Ride vehicle: a souped-up Coil Cyclone II that stretches the terms “street legal” to new extremes. Check it out on the podium to either test drive it or buy it on sight.

Hao’s Special Works Race Series

GTA Online players on the new PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X|S releases who link up with Hao and prove their skill behind the wheel can sidle up to the starting line and rev their engines in any of the 14 tracks in the Hao’s Special Works Race Series to earn Double Rewards, all week long.

Hao’s Special Works Time Trial Bonuses
Or drivers can see how their new ride fares against the clock — take on this week’s Hao’s Special Works Time Trial between Del Perro Beach and Murietta Heights to receive 3X GTA$ and RP — a total of GTA$750K for successful completion.

2X GTA$ and RP on Double Down

Play as Franklin and Lamar and survive a relentless assault in cramped quarters or join the other side of the attack to try and take down the heavily armed duo. Double Down is paying out Double Rewards to all comers through March 30.

2X GTA$ and RP on Madrazo Contact Missions

Only a few names can strike fear into the hearts of Los Santos locals, and kingpin Martin Madrazo is one of them. Completing any of Madrazo’s Contact Missions — including Madrazo Dispatch Services —over the next week will result in double the usual payout for both GTA$ and RP.

Car Meet Prize Ride: Übermacht Sentinel XS

Placing in the Top 5 in two Pursuit Races this week will earn LS Car Meet members this week’s Prize Ride, the Übermacht Sentinel XS, which can be modified and tweaked up to best-in-class status at Hao’s Special Works.

Test Out the Annis ZR350, Karin Calico GTF, and Pfister Comet S2
LS Car Meet members can always traipse over to the Test Track and give the Annis ZR350 (25% off), Karin Calico GTF (25% off) and Pfister Comet S2 (20% off) a spin around the columns, free of charge, before driving one home.

On the Diamond Casino Podium: The Pegassi Torero

Stop by The Diamond Casino & Resort to spin the Lucky Wheel and win GTA$, RP, clothes, accessories, snacks, and all manner of mystery prizes to line your pockets. This week’s top prize a-whirling on the podium is the collector’s dream: the Pegassi Torero, a retro sports car that still feels like it could transport you five minutes into the future.


In addition to the Test Track car above, there are a selection of vehicles on sale this week to help drivers buff up their vehicular arsenal. See below for the complete list.

  • Dinka RT3000 – 30% off
  • Pegassi Reaper – 30% off
  • Pfister Neon – 30% off
  • Bravado Gauntlet Hellfire – 30% off
  • Annis ZR350 – 25% off
  • Karin Calico GTF – 25% off
  • Pfister Comet S2 – 20% off

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GTA Online players who successfully connect their Rockstar Games Social Club account with Prime Gaming will get GTA$100K just for playing anytime this week.

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