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White Plains, NY – March 29, 2022 – ROCCAT, Turtle Beach Corporation’s (Nasdaq: HEAR) award-winning PC gaming peripherals brand, today announced the retail availability of its all-new Kone XP ergonomic PC gaming mouse. Already revered for the Kone’s perfected ergonomics, ROCCAT’s new Kone XP mouse pairs the brand’s iconic shape with 15 buttons and 29 assignable functions, making it one of the most customizable PC gaming mice available and perfect for gamers who play a variety of game types. Hardcore PC gamers will appreciate the Kone XP’s top performance features like ROCCAT’s Owl-Eye 19K DPI sensor and ridiculously fast Titan Optical Switches, while heat-treated pure PFTE mouse skates and the PhantomFlex™ cable provide a near-wireless feel for smooth coasting across desktops. For PC gamers who love RGB lighting, ROCCAT’s Kone XP once again takes peripheral lighting to new heights and is sure to standout on any desktop with over 20 LEDs and the new transparent 4D Krystal Wheel.

Top PC publications including and recently posted reviews of ROCCAT’s new Kone XP mouse. T3 notes, “The ROCCAT Kone XP is a superb choice for your next mouse,” and has already included it in their “Best Gaming Mouse 2022” list, adding, “Kone XP has plenty of features to tempt gamers and non-gamers alike.” gave the Kone XP a 4.5/5 review score and Editor’s Choice designation, saying, “ROCCAT nearly perfects its AIMO line with the Kone XP, a gaming mouse with a cornucopia of top-shelf components and features.

ROCCAT’s all-new Kone XP PC gaming mouse is available today at participating retailers worldwide for a MSRP of $89.99. “We’re delighted to see the new Kone XP receiving such positive feedback from our community since its recent reveal,” said René Korte, ROCCAT Founder and General Manager for PC Products at Turtle Beach. “The Kone XP is a testament to ROCCAT’s devotion to pushing the boundaries of comfort and customization. Its mix of refined ergonomics, groundbreaking aesthetics, and our latest technologies make Kone XP the perfect choice for any PC gamer, creator, or power user.”

The Kone XP‘s multi-button design, along with its revised ergonomics, reduced weight, and overall comfort will appeal to fans of ROCCAT’s earlier Kone AIMO Remastered, as well as PC gamers who play a range of games across different genres. The Kone XPmouse features the most buttons of any mouse in its price range. It has 15 buttons, with 29 different button functionalities thanks to ROCCAT’s Easy-Shift[+]™ technology — perfect for strategy games and MMOs like the recently released Lost Ark or Elden Ring. The Kone XP‘s ridiculously fast Titan Optical Switches sit under the left and right click buttons, giving a responsive click with incredibly rapid actuation for unparalleled speed and precision. The Titan Optical Switch is twice as fast as a mechanical switch and twice as durable, clocking in at a scorching 0.2ms actuation speed for up to 70 million clicks. Kone XP also allows for customizable debounce timing – critical for drag-clicking, making it a great companion for Minecraft.

With the Kone XP‘s amazing 22 LED lights, 8 light pipelines and translucent shell, ROCCAT is once again reinventing RGB lighting. The Kone XP’s translucent shell sets the stage to showcase ROCCAT’s AIMO lighting engine and ecosystem, synchronizing with other AIMO-enabled ROCCAT products such as the Magma membrane keyboard or the award-winning Vulcans. AIMO produces vibrant lighting displays in 16.8 million colours right out of the box, without the need for extensive configuration. Kone XP also features ROCCAT’s innovative 4D Krystal Wheel, which diffuses RGB lighting through its smoky transparent design to produce a unique lighting effect. In addition to the typical vertical click and scroll functions, the 4D Krystal Wheel also provides left and right lateral inputs, plus ROCCAT’s satisfying tactile “click” feel.

At the heart of the Kone XP PC gamers will find ROCCAT’s Owl-Eye 19K DPI optical sensor (based on PAW3370 from PixArt). The Owl-Eye sensor tracks mouse movement with high-precision for extreme in-game accuracy and is customizable via ROCCAT’s Swarm software suite. The Kone XPalso features ROCCAT’s PhantomFlex™ cable and heat-treated PTFE glides for a wireless mouse feeling. Flexible, pliable, and light, the cable resists snagging or tangling, and the extra heat-treatment on the slides means the mouse glides smoothly across desktops.

The Kone XP PC gaming mouse is also among a select list of products supporting the NVIDIA Reflex Analyzer. NVIDIA G-SYNC displays with Reflex have the world’s first and only system latency analyzer that detects clicks coming from gaming mice and measures the time for the resulting pixels (weapon muzzle flash) to change on screen. When using ROCCAT’s Kone XP mouse in conjunction with an NVIDIA G-SYNC display with Reflex, gamers can measure and improve full peripheral and end-to-end system latency.

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Turtle Beach Corporation ( is one of the world’s leading gaming accessory providers. The Company’s namesake Turtle Beach brand ( is known for designing high-quality, comfort-driven headsets for all gamers. Innovation, first-to-market features, a broad range of products for every type of gamer, and top-rated customer support have made Turtle Beach a fan-favorite brand and the market leader in console gaming audio for over a decade. In 2021, Turtle Beach expanded the best-selling brand beyond headsets and successfully launched the first of its groundbreaking game controllers and gaming simulation accessories. Turtle Beach’s ROCCAT brand ( combines detail-loving German innovation with a genuine passion for designing the best PC gaming products, including award-winning keyboards, mice, headsets, mousepads, and other PC accessories. Turtle Beach’s Neat Microphones brand ( creates high-quality USB and analog microphones for gamers, streamers, professionals and students that embrace cutting-edge technology and design. Turtle Beach’s shares are traded on the Nasdaq Exchange under the symbol: HEAR.

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