Physics-Based RTS Forts, Reveals ‘High Seas’ DLC Alongside Million Sales Milestone

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Water-Based DLC Introduces New Story Campaign, Weapons, Maps on 25 March 2022

BRISBANE, Queensland – 9 March 2022Forts, the physics-based RTS from developer EarthWork Games with over one million units sold, brings the battle to open waters on Friday, 25 March 2022, with the launch of the Forts – High Seas DLC. High Seas adds buoyancy to the battlefield with an array of floating fortresses, weapons, and missions.

Experience the next generation of Forts’ acclaimed 2D base-building artillery action. Forts – High Seas introduces an overhauled physics engine with buoyancy and water effects allowing for floating — and sinking — ships across its over-the-top battles. Build gunships, battleships, massive dreadnoughts, and more, outfitting each with an arsenal of emerging weapon technology ranging from ship-launched aircraft to deckguns and orbital lasers. 

Advance through a story-driven campaign comprising 18 missions as Max Capacitor, a captain in the United Navies, whose search for his missing scientist father might just be linked to the existence of a terrifying mega-weapon. Soak in the details during graphic novel cutscenes punctuating Max’s naval adventures and adding even more personality to the Forts franchise’s whimsical warfare.

Outside of the story campaign, Forts – High Seas features Skirmish and Multiplayer modes with 16 maps to master, including eight stages where players must build up their fleet and 8 with pre-built ships ready to engage in combat immediately. The DLC also expands Forts’ in-game editor, allowing fans to create and share water-based maps for endless multiplayer entertainment.

Forts – High Seas builds upon the millions-selling formula of the base game with some of the most impressive weapons yet. Advance down an expanded tech tree to assemble runway platforms capable of launching bombers that drop munitions on unsuspecting enemy ships, create custom deckgun configurations with different fire modes, or work towards the all-powerful orbital laser that can rip through vessels with a single, highly-concentrated blast of energy, leaving a sinking hull in its wake.

Forts has come a long way since launch in 2017,” said Tim Auld, founder, EarthWork Games. “The High Seas DLC is an expansive update with tons of content to enjoy, but as we look to the future, we also want to thank the amazing community who have supported us in the five years since Forts launched. We can’t wait to share Forts – High Seas on Friday, 25 March 2022!”

Forts – High Seas launches on Steam for Windows PC on Friday, 25 March 2022 for $9.99 with a 20% launch week discount available. A free playable demo is now available on Steam. For more information, please visit the official website

About EarthWork Games

EarthWork Games is an independent studio based in Brisbane, Queensland, comprised of former Alien Isolation, Total War, and Hand of Fate developers. Their debut title, Forts, launched in 2017 and has sold more than 1 million units to date. EarthWork Games strives to create fun, high-spirited experiences that bring players together.

For more information, visit the official website.

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