Merge Games to Publish Unique Farming and Life Sim SunnySide

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New partnership with RainyGames will see the unique JRPG-inspired game coming to PC and consoles in 2022. 

Manchester, UK – 10th March, 2022. Merge Games is thrilled to announce a new deal with indie developer RainyGames to publish their upcoming narrative-driven farming and life sim, SunnySide for PC. PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox Series S / X and Nintendo Switch in 2022. 

Announced in 2021, SunnySide is the highly anticipated open world farming JRPG with deep social sim aspects. Players will be challenged to bridge the gap between traditional practices and modern influences as they find harmony in the Japanese countryside. As they cultivate new experiences and build a thriving homestead, they must also let their relationships with locals blossom. 

‘We are excited to be partnering with the talented team at RainyGames to publish SunnySide for PC and consoles’. Commented Callum Ayers, Product Manager at Merge Games. `We were instantly drawn to this charming and unique farming sim and knew that this would be a perfect title for our fans and fits perfectly with our portfolio of engaging titles for 2022’. 

‘Here at RainyGames, we couldn’t be more excited to be working with Merge’. Commented  Sydney Stockdale, Co-Founder and Producer at RainyGames. ‘They bring an incredible amount of industry knowledge and experience to the table! But beyond that, on a personal level, they have been an absolute joy to work with. Merge has been so supportive of our goals and vision for SunnySide, and that kind of support is a huge blessing. We’re really excited to see what the future will bring!’ 

Merge Games and Rainy Games have also confirmed today they will be in San Francisco during GDC from 21 – 24 March at the Intercontinental Hotel where they will have the first hands on code for SunnySide available to play. There will also be the opportunity for hands on with an exciting new unannounced twin-stick shooter as well as sandbox puzzle adventure game Time on Frog Island. To book a time to meet with the team please visit the booking calendar here to secure your place. A new gameplay trailer for SunnySide showcasing never-before seen gameplay content and new inventory UI will be released at GDC, watch this space for more news! 

About Sunny Side

Sunny Side is a narrative-driven farming and life sim, with elements of combat and exploration sprinkled in. You’ve just purchased your first plot of land in an aging post town in the heart of the Japanese countryside. Now it’s up to you to create a homestead to be proud of. Build your new life and modernize your farming experience with new technology, grow crops, care for livestock and utilize technology to tend to your farm for you. Build the life you want, from your avatar, your homestead and your phone screen, to your buildings, layouts and decorations. Become a part of the community and form new bonds, join groups, attend events, and maybe even find someone special to share your days with.

Key Features

  • A Deep Farming Sim – Grow crops: fruit & veg plants, trees, herbs, flowers and teas. Tend to nine types of farm animals to create products for your farm. 
  • Build the Perfect Homestead – Bringing the classic farming sim into the 21st century, utilize technology to take care of your tedious tasks; solar panels, electric water pumps, contemporary food production machines and more. 
  • Begin Your Journey – Undertake a journey of self-discovery in the local cave systems: exploring and engaging in combat to unlock new areas of the map. 
  • Solidify Your Bonds – With both friendship and romance options available, hang out and spend time with your friends 1-on-1 or in group settings. Accumulate friendship points and take on additional Harmony Quests.

For more information on SunnySide, check out the Merge Games website and official social channels below. Fans can Wishlist SunnySide on Steam now but clicking here

About Merge

Merge Games is a global video game publisher, developer and distributor based in Manchester, UK. The company publishes and distributes games worldwide for PC, consoles and streaming platforms, including Dead Cells, Streets of Rage 4, Spirit of the North, Cloudpunk, Aragami and Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX. Merge is also developing its own survival game, Smalland, in house. In 2021, Merge Games was acquired by Zordix AB (publ). For more information, please visit

About Rainy Games  Founded in 2021, RainyGames is an international indie gaming studio based in the US and UK. Our mission is to challenge genre norms by creating innovative video games that foster diversity and community through empathetic fiction, self expression, and harmony.

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