Defeat to the Beat with GUN JAM’s New Gameplay Reveal Trailer

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Jaw Drop Games and Raw Fury show the power of EDM/FPS action at the Future Games Show

STOCKHOLM March 25, 2022  – Developer Jaw Drop Games and publisher Raw Fury are pumped to reveal the full first look at the gameplay of the upcoming rhythm-based first-person shooter GUN JAM. While a teaser released this past January introduced the game’s vibrant new look, the latest video, featured yesterday at GamesRadar’s Future Games Show, gets into the action, showing its signature beat-matching mechanics. The video also unveils more of the game’s hypnotic original soundtrack with the EDM track “Fuel Cell,” as well as some of its striking environments.

In GUN JAM, the omni-present “Beat” controls all while citizens dance to the Speaker’s ruling tune. Your job is to rebel and break out of its hypnotic flow. An original, multi-genre soundtrack composed of EDM, metal and trap helps you get your firefighting groove on across a series of unique environments in the vibrant city of Mubel. Match your gunshots to the beat pattern to fend off hordes of tranced-out troopers to survive the musical dystopia and restore freedom to the masses.

Key Features:

  • Unique, beat-pattern shooting mechanics
  • Exciting firefights synced to an original, multi-genre soundtrack
  • Adapt to different music, environments, and enemies as you progress
  • Immersive art style and vibrant surroundings that react to the music

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About Jaw Drop Games
Jaw Drop Games is an independent game studio based in the U.K. and a collective of experienced, award-winning game development professionals. We blend AAA production values with independent originality and creativity. Our goal is to create games with jaw-dropping moments.

Official Site:
Twitter: @JawDrop_Games

About Raw Fury
Raw Fury is a boutique indie (un)publisher founded in 2015 by Jonas Antonsson, Gordon Van Dyke, and David Martinez. We don’t care about genres or mechanics. We care about experiences and emotions. We want to help developers make magic.

Official Site:
Twitter: @RawFury

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