Wrejects Airdrop announced for March 15th- Sign up now for a chance to win!

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Be one of the lucky 50 potential winners of these exclusive cards

Kansas, USA – February 21st, 2022 – Independent developer Boss Cannon today announced the incoming free Airdrop for their brand new blockchain-based arena card battle game, Wrejects, developed for mobile and desktop browsers. This Airdrop will feature unique attack items that can be used in game as you fight to earn Painium tokens on your journey to become champion of the Wrejects Galactic Wrestling League. Sign up here before 28th February for the chance to be announced as a winner on March 15th!

For more information about Wrejects:
Billed as Garbage Pail Kids meets Street Fighter with the added mix of a distinctive art style and an innovative play-to-earn system. Built on the blockchain, Wrejects allows players to collect and fight with NFT cards of characters, items and arenas all the while earning Painium ($PAIN), the in-game token, through playing the game. Choose your fighter from a unique roster of characters: from well-rounded Corp Bots to tactically diverse Wrejects – each with their own unique fighting style and attributes – to be your champion. Fights are simulated between player-managed NFT characters so preparation and strategy is the key to success. Choose your fighter, kit them out and watch them battle for the winner’s purse of valuable Painium tokens.

For more information about Wrejects:
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About Boss Cannon
Boss Cannon is an art collective made up of professional illustrators, painters, product designers, videographers, copywriters, and other artsy-fartsy titles. We think we create cool stuff and hope you think so too!

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